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Expressionist painting of agrizoophobia, or the fear of wild animals.

Agrizoophobia: The Call of the Wild Strikes a Chord of Fear

Your heart is pounding, your palms are sweaty, and all you can think of is the wild creature possibly lurking in front of you. This is agrizoophobia.

Expressionist painting of thaasophobia, the fear of sitting

Thaasophobia: The Rare Fear of Sitting Down

Imagine that the mere thought of sitting down sends a ripple of anxiety through you. Sounds strange? Welcome to the world of thaasophobia – the fear of sitting.

Expressionist painting of spacephobia, the fear of outer space.

Spacephobia: Dealing With the Vastness of the Universe

Space is awe-inspiring. It’s the final frontier, a vast expanse of galaxies, stars, planets, and the unknown. But the fear of space? That’s called spacephobia.

Expressionist painting of agliophobia, which is the fear of pain.

Agliophobia Unveiled: Why Some People Are Terrified of Pain

For most of us, pain is a fleeting sensation. However, what if even the mere anticipation of pain paralyzed you with fear? Welcome to the world of agliophobia.

Expressionist painting of Catoptrophobia, the fear of mirrors.

Catoptrophobia: Why Some People Dread Reflective Surfaces

Ever wonder about the fear of mirrors? This article aims to pull back the curtain (or perhaps, the reflective glass) on catoptrophobia.

Abstract painting of zemmiphobia, the fear of the great mole rat.

Zemmiphobia: The Curious Case of Fearing the Great Mole Rat

Not everyone knows what the great mole rat is, but of the people that do, some have an intense fear of the thing, which is called zemniphobia.