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I’ve been putting off packing, therapy appointments and even picking up my meds this week because of depression-based procrastination. I was overwhelmed and desperate for a productivity “fix”, in hopes that it would alleviate the overwhelming desire to “sleep it off”. I located the book 17 Anti-Procrastination Hacks by Dominic Mann. It encompasses 17 Anti-Procrastination Hacks to teach me how to painlessly get work done when I need to. Right up my alley.

Although a few of the 17 points were repetitive, today I’m going to zero in on the pointers that got me back to work.

The book suggests that intelligent people are more likely to procrastinate because they overthink the consequences, like whether the task is going to be boring or difficult. Whereas, less intelligent people can do whatever is in front of them. 

The concept of focusing on your right next step and translating it into an action step resonated with me. For example, instead of noting on my list of things to do,“Fix Car Tires”, writing “Call Car Shop for Quote” makes more sense. Breaking my to-do list into small steps will help me build momentum immediately. 

I wasn’t crazy about the The (10+2) x 5 Method. It says to work for 10 minutes then stop for 2, but it seems counter productive to keep switching up tasks. I can go down a rabbit hole of scrolls once I jump onto Facebook, so I wouldn’t take this on.  But I do like the concept of setting up Time Blocks. I’ve allocated time blocks to eliminate distractions by putting my phone on airplane mode, using website blocking tools, and switching the scenery from my home to a cafe. This concept has changed the game for me. I’ve been bribing myself with a “Distractions to-do list” where I write down the distraction “craving” (Like Instagram or coffee) instead of breaking the focus. It’s been phenomenal.

So alongside scheduling blocks of time and managing distractions, I also used the power of deadlines. Me and many other College Kids have done a semester’s worth of work in a night due to the power of deadlines. So I staggered my moving dates to have two deadlines – one for cleaning & packing, the other for moving. There’s even a website called www.stickk.com to put money on the line for deadlines.

You can also divide up your tasks- such as by high energy (manic/well rested) or low energy (tired/depressed or location like at home or in-office. I swear by this now.

Other easy take aways include changing the word “can’t” to “don’t”. Such as “I don’t eat unhealthy food” “I don’t miss the gym” because can’t implies you want to but can’t. So improve your self-talk (and talk in general). Or even outsourcing tasks via upwork.com and fiverr.com so that they get done, but you don’t have to do it. The book 17 Anti-Procrastination Hacks radically improved my mindset and productivity when I was crazy stressed. I highly recommend it. 

To purchase a copy of this book just click on the title 17 Anti-Procrastination Hacks.

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