4 Misconceptions About Being a Meth Addict

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I, like many of you, had a preconception in my mind about what a Meth Addict looked and behaved like due to how they are portrayed in the news and on TV shows or in the movies. However, after watching an animated video from Cracked.com, it seems that my beliefs were completely wrong. So here are the four misconceptions everyone has about Meth Addicts.

1.  Meth Addicts Don’t Look Like The Pictures We See On The Internet

Just like when you have a cough or a sneeze, the last thing you should do is look it up Meth Addict on the internet. You’re going to get a series of pictures of worst-case scenario that’s not the norm. In the case of Meth, you’re going to get the before and after shot of people with rotted teeth and lesions all over their faces. However, in reality, most users are hiding in plain sight, and you would never know it at all. Mom’s, brother’s, your neighbors, may all be Meth addicts and fully functional adults who use the drug to have more energy to do the things they need to get done, until of course, it stops working, and you become less productive eventually.

2. Eventually The Benefits Of Using Meth Disappear

When you first start using Meth, your energy will increase and you can be social like never before. However, after a few days in on a Meth binge, you’ll eventually do anything to get to sleep, which includes taking other types of drugs that aren’t good for you. Also, when you do retake Meth, you may have all the energy in the world, but you’ll start to notice that you aren’t doing much and many people begin to become anti-social and sit at home. Plus, there’s the god-awful sweating from the drugs trying their best to exit your system.

3. Public Service Announcements Only Created More Stigma 

Studies have found that PSA’s for Meth don’t help, and may actually make the problem worse. For non-users, the PSA ads are outlandish, and for those who are meth-users, the ads make them feel stigmatized, which often keeps them from seeking help for their problem. They feel like a lower form of a drug user and are embarrassed to tell others.

4. Your Meth Friends Are Actually Your Friends. They’re Just Bad For You

Many people think that your Meth friends are not your friends but just people that you do your drugs with. However, those Meth friends most likely know a lot about you and what makes you tick. They’ve heard all your troubles, and you’ve been their ear and shoulder too. You just also happen to do Meth together. You’re probably enablers, which doesn’t make anyone in this situation terrible people. They just aren’t the right people to still hang out with, unless your Meth friend is off Meth and you’re all on the road to recovery. But still, that’s a slippery slope.

Here’s an amazing video from the people at Cracked about Meth. Enjoy.

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