5 Reasons Depression and Anxiety Gets Worse During the Holiday Season

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It’s the holiday season, and you’ll have two sets of people at this time of year. You’ll have those that love the season and those that dread the season. For those that dread the holidays, if you battle depression and anxiety, triggers will be everywhere, and the likelihood of these issues being deepened or getting worse is almost a certainty. If you’re reading this and don’t battle depression and anxiety, we ask you to have empathy and be caring to everyone during the season as these Top 5 Reasons Why Depression and Anxiety Can Get Worse During the Holiday Season can help you understand strangers, friends, and family members.

FAMILY – Most likely, your family is the most prominent source of adding to your ongoing battle with depression and anxiety. For many, all of our insecurities begin with the family unit and how we were treated when we were younger. During the holidays, we’ll have many get-togethers and members of your family know how to dig at your old wounds better than anybody. It’s like these wounds can feel the hurt before they happen and their memories feel ill. You’re just waiting for a family member to say the wrong thing or look at you funny. Everything becomes heightened, and it just makes matters worse for those already battling anxiety and depression.

ADDICTION – For those with alcohol addictions, the holiday season is not easy. You’re surrounded by people drinking at office parties, friend parties, and family dinners. It’s hard to escape. So if you’re battling from depression or anxiety and something triggers you, then grabbing for a drink that’s sitting right there is very difficult to stay away from. The temptation of it all is a huge challenge with all of the surrounding factors. Feelings of guilt and shame may jump from the back burner all the way to the front. If you’re a coworker, friend, or family member of someone who endures this lifelong battle, try and make your best effort to make your functions alcohol free.

FINANCES – Not having enough money for gifts and all the pressures that go along with it become a huge factor for depression and anxiety during the holiday season. Many feelings of inadequacy pop up, and it’s not fair to the person battling these issues. Things have become so excessive, and it’s just ridiculous to ask that everyone keep up with the Joneses. Try doing a Secret Santa or a Secret Hannukah Harry where you only have to spend on one person with a spending limit. It forces everyone to be more creative and thoughtful.

FOOD – Food is close to addiction, but more so, we’re dealing with body image issues. People who battle depression or anxiety, who also have body issues, tend to have a much more difficult time during the holiday season as there is so much eating going on. It’s hard to resist, and there’s guilt, shame, and self-judging attached. It’s a constant internal struggle, and the inner critic does a very good job at winning these battles. So please be easy on yourself.

LONELINESS – For many of us, our families provide us with tons of triggers, but on the other end of the spectrum, those without families or friends to be around become very lonely during the holiday season. The feeling of not being loved by anyone only deepens depression and anxiety. Also, you can have a family and feel this way as well, as being around people that misunderstand you in every way makes people feel more lonely than if they were actually alone.

We never know who is battling depression or anxiety, so hopefully, everyone does their best to be empathetic and caring towards everyone they come across this season. And we here at Massive Phobia just want to wish everyone a very joyous holiday, whichever ones you celebrate.

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