Massive Phobia is the preeminent community of people dedicated to all things phobia. From our phobia lists that are verified by medical professionals to our blogs that share valuable life experience, to the latest phobia news, and to our art/humor posts for anyone looking to challenge their current thought system. We believe that our collective expertise can be used as a stepping stone to help others reach out for the help they need.

We’ve had many people ask us why we’re using humor/art to tackle people’s darkest fears and it’s because we think laughter is the best medicine. If we can offer factual information in an entertaining way, then we believe we can help at least one person take the necessary steps for change. Our site isn’t for everybody, as many of you may not be ready to laugh. However, if one of our posts resonates with you to the point where you might feel less alone, then we feel that we’re doing our job.

Every non-medical professional that writes for us, battles the fear or phobia that they’re writing about. Many of them use characters they created to share their experience, but it’s their experience and told honestly.

We’re also building a community, and part of that community involves projects that we want you to participate in as well. The collaborations aren’t about being a good/bad artist in whatever medium you’re participating in; it’s about the therapeutic aspect of what the collaboration entails. The best art comes from being honest. And to us, the idea trumps all.

We’re hoping that our collaborations make you think outside the box you’re currently stuck in, with the dream of propelling you to seek the help you need. 

But most of all, we’re happy you’re here. And we’re grateful for all of you that make us a part of your daily lives.

With All Our Love,

Team Massive Phobia