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We all know Donald Trump isn’t one to ignore a Twitter fight. He’s a bit like a dented orange ping pong ball: bouncing around from insult to insult, flying not in the direction it was intended to go, but veering to the left, the right… or, in some cases, lumbering and rolling uselessly onto the floor.

Just as Trump’s feud with Alec Baldwin cooled down, he found another person to fight with: late night host Jimmy Kimmel. It’s no secret that Kimmel isn’t a fan of Trump; he’s spent monologue after monologue skewering the president on everything from tax reform and health care to alleged affairs with porn stars. 

Most recently, Trump decided to try and take revenge on Kimmel by insulting the Oscars ratings, which Kimmel hosted. Trump tweeted: “Lowest rated Oscars in HISTORY. Problem is, we don’t have Stars anymore – except your President (just kidding, of course)!”

A few hours later, Kimmel clapped back, tweeting, “Thanks, lowest rated President in HISTORY.”

Unlike some of Trump’s celebrity feuds, which have been known to drag on through dozens of tweets, this one ended after Kimmel’s rebuttal. Some people think he’s just trying to find the right words to tweet back.

“Jimmy Kimmel was savage,” said Twitter user Danielle Ebert. “It’s hard to recover from a hit like that.” Ebert thinks it’s possible that Trump has been holding meetings with his most trusted advisors, hoping that one of them might be able to come up with a response that wreaks as much havoc as Kimmel’s initial one did.

“It’s not like he’s busy trying to start a trade war or anything,” she said. “Obviously it’s more important that he craft a brutal response for a late night talk show host.”

Ebert, like most people, believes Jimmy got the upper hand. “Kimmel definitely won this one. His tweet has gotten over 570,000 likes since he posted. The Donald’s? Only 186,000. It was hard for Kimmel not to come out on top. What would you rather do, host the least-watched Academy Awards ever, or be the most hated president ever?”

Commenters were also reminded of his feud with Meryl Streep after her speech last year’s Golden Globes.

“Trump only said ‘we don’t have stars anymore’ because none of them like him anymore,” said Carmen Sanchez, who admitted that, although she didn’t watch the Oscars, she was constantly refreshing her Instagram and Twitter feeds to keep up with the show. “Remember when he tried to talk shit on Meryl Streep? Nobody talks shit on Meryl Streep. That’s probably half the reason his approval rating is so low.”

Sanchez believes that Trump will “undoubtedly” attack someone else at next year’s Academy Awards. “Can you name a single person in Hollywood who likes Donald Trump? I didn’t think so. He has the thinnest skin of anyone who’s ever existed, and it’s not hard to drop his name and hurt his feelings. And I say bring on the drama.”

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