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Definition of Attention in English:



1. Notice taken of someone or something; the regarding of someone or something as interesting or important

“I don’t need to try to garner attention. Most people find me endlessly fascinating.” Oxford English

2. The action of dealing with or taking special care of someone or something.

“Pay careful attention to what I say, or do you want this meeting to go on another three hours instead of two?“ Oxford English

Attention Quotes about Oxford English

“Oxford doesn’t command the attention of a room; he demands it. God forbid you ignore him at a company Christmas party; he’ll find a way to make it all about him. A few years ago, he downed five shots of Russian vodka, climbed onto a particularly wobbly table, and did the Russian Cossack dance. He ended up breaking the table and getting everyone’s attention, which only left him more pleased, as you can imagine.” Bronwyn Fitzpaine (Former Coworker, Shrewsbury’s Meatpacking Warehouse)

“A narcissist? Well, I wouldn’t necessarily go that far. But Oxford English certainly does enjoy his time in the limelight. There was a time when he was obsessed with going to karaoke for all the attention it brought him. His favorite song to perform? ‘I Touch Myself’ by Divinyls. Because of course it was. He’d slam a few dozen beers, stagger up on stage, and slur the lyrics while using quite inappropriate body language. That man’s been banned from more London karaoke establishments than anyone in the world.” Buford Partridge (Bouncer at Kerfuffle Karaoke)

“There are many, many reasons Oxford’s had so many divorces, but if you ask me, it mostly has to do with the amount of attention he seems to need to even make it through a day. I couldn’t make it through a day at the glue factory without him ringing me on the ol’ dog and bone to tell me about his day! ‘I’ve just eaten a third of a biscuit, Hermione.’ ‘I spent ten seconds outside and I think I’m getting a sunburn, Hermione.’ ‘Ms. Tabby just sneezed thrice in a row, Hermione.’” Hermione English (Ex-Wife #11)

“Gravest mistake of my life was ignoring a text from Oxford English. It was just a little thing, too. He just sent, ‘Fancy some chargrilled ox tongue and a few shots of Beefeater?’ Well I didn’t think to respond. Caught the flu, see. Had it comin’ out both ends, see. I didn’t respond after all of thirty seconds, and he just keeps texting me over and over again. ‘Eugene, are you coming out? You’d better come out, Eugene.’ I could hardly see straight. Still, he comes to my door. Doesn’t even knock, just kicks it in and strolls right in like he pays the rent! Where was I? Bent over the loo, honking my guts out. All he says is, ‘Oh, I see you’ve started drinking without me.’ Attention-starved madman; that’s all he is.” Eugene Bullworthy-Knapp (Former Friend #34)


Late Middle English: from Latin (attention(n-), from the verb attendere.


attention /əˈtɛnʃ(ə)n/

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