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Definition of Blockchain in English:



1. A system in which a record of transactions made in bitcoin or another cryptocurrency are maintained across several computers that are linked in a peer-to-peer network.

Blockchain? That’s what they put ‘round us when we were protesting the price of cod and chips back in the seventies. Never underestimate the anger of an Englishman when he overpays for what should be a basic human right. ” Oxford English. 

Blockchain Quotes about Oxford English

“Oxford English has his own cryptocurrency. Did you know that? He hired me to create it for him. That man’s got more money than the Queen. He calls it OxfordCoin, and it’s got a creepy, ill-designed sketch of his face on the front. I should have been suspicious. Blimey, I was suspicious, if I’m being honest. But because he was willing to pay well, I said, ‘All right, Mr. English. But we have to put a blockchain on it. You know, like Bitcoin does.’  And he says, ‘A blockchain? Wouldn’t it be better to stow it away in a safe?’ Once I explained what blockchain actually was, he got really into it. It was a slippery slope I wish I wouldn’t have put him on. But everyone insists that it wasn’t my fault.” William Snotting-Hughes (OxfordCoin Co-Creator)

“Considering everyone knows –quite literally – everything about Oxford English, it’s quite surprising that he values his security so much. He was an early advocate for using blockchain to make his most successful website,, less vulnerable to threats. Especially since you have to use OxfordCoin to purchase your membership. Unfortunately, it took quite a long time for us to explain what blockchain actually was. Randy curmudgeons aren’t necessarily the most technologically-capable demographic. He thought you could just take an old chain link fence and throw it around your computer to keep it safe.” Dennis Priestly (Webmaster of

“It’s no secret that Oxford is a bit of a… oh, I shouldn’t say it out loud. It could get him in trouble with Theresa May. She already hates him. Ah, I’ll say it. I have to say it. He’s… a bit of a… socialist. So when he found out that blockchains were decentralized and available to anyone who could figure out how to use them, that old man’s eyes lit up. ‘Power to the blockchain,’ he said. ‘Power to the people. Vive la blockchain revolution.’ He even started a blockchain awareness advocacy group. There’s a yearly 5K run and everything. It takes quite a lot of dedication. You’ve got to run with a metal chain ‘round your neck. Like you’re Jacob bloody Marley. ” Gretchen Harding (Blockchain Enthusiast)


Early 21st century: from block + chain



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