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Definition of Feminism in English:



1 The advocacy of women’s rights on the basis of the equality of the sexes.

Feminism is the belief that women should be able to vote in every election, work for competitive wages, go out at night without fear, and flaunt their ample bosoms.“ Oxford English

Feminism Quotes about Oxford English

“Oxford has always been a feminist – came out kicking and screaming for women’s rights. Now, when he was born, women barely even had the right to vote. His mum would dress him up in little sailor costumes and parade him through the streets of Exeter every week. Unfortunately, one of these parades promoting feminism coincided with the Exeter Fishmonger Uprising. Outraged with government taxes on cod, they dumped barrels and barrels of fish onto the streets, and right on top of the feminists’ parade. His mother was killed – smothered to death in a pile of salmon and gurnard.” Belinda Tinkerbush (Historian and Author of Fishing for Fairness: A History of Devonshire Fishmonger Unions, 1910-1960)

“For years, Oxford had a giant painting of Helene Cixous hanging in his living room. He claims the twentieth-century feminist gave it to him after a passion-filled night, but that’s bullocks.” Gillian Butchertwaite (Housekeeper #43)

“At uni, Oxford took quite an interest in feminist studies. I had a class with him in ’62 called, ‘Feminism: Theory and Discussion.’ Honestly, the professor was a complete prat and was far more interested in the ‘discussion’ side than the ‘theory’ side. The worst part? It was taught by a bloody man who refused to call on the women in the class. It was a polytechnic college… what do you expect? Oxford, obviously, wasn’t having any of this. In honor of his dearly departed mother, he organized a sit-in in the classroom. All was well and good until Professor Bullwigge caught wind of it. I suppose he was quite unstable, as he doused a brazier in petrol and flung it into the classroom. It ended up landing on a pile of books. Caught the whole building on fire, and we barely made it out.” Philippa Gamehen (Former Oxford English classmate and current mid-level manager for Cadbury)

“Oxford English’s feminism is… a different breed. You’re never sure if he wants to save the world with equal pay for equal work, or just gape at breasts all day. Perhaps it’s both.” Harriet Reed (Girlfriend #41)

“Claiming he was an advocate for feminism is how that bastard got into my trousers in the first place! His pick-up line? ‘Well, hello, you empowered, independent, and forward-thinking woman, what do you say we go back to your place and discuss Blasingame’s new essay on the monosexual paradigm?’ It was an irresistible offer.” Josepha Bolton-Browne (Mistress #27, 61, and 94)


Late 19th century: from French féminisme.


Feminism /ˈfeməˌnizəm

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