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Definition of Foreskin in English:



1. The retractable roll of skin covering the end of the penis.

“Don’t let the doctor nip your tip! Your foreskin’s good; your foreskin’s hip.” Oxford English

Foreskin Quotes about Oxford English

“Oxford attended a lot of UK Uncut protests back in 2010. He didn’t realize we weren’t protesting circumcision, but instead cuts to our public service budgets. His signs were… graphic, to say the least. I’ve never seen so many foreskins in my life, and I was quite wild in my twenties. Safe to say he got his point across, if nothing else.” Judith Applebee (UK Uncut Activist)

“I probably shouldn’t be telling you this… Oh, he’d positively murder me if he found out! Oxford’s quite ashamed of the fact that he had his foreskin cut off when he was a wee babe. Says it’s unfair that he never had a choice in the matter. He insists that because of it, he’ll never truly be able to enjoy a good roll in the sack. Does having a foreskin make it all that much better? I wouldn’t know; I haven’t got a willy. But with all the people he already shags? An Oxford English with a foreskin would be positively dangerous.” Rosaline English (Ex-Wife #13)

“Oxford English started quite a strange campaign for… erm… foreskin donations. You know, for men who’d had them cut without them knowing or having a say. So what he did was… God, I can’t believe I’m telling you this. It’s just utterly mad! But he… decided to go undercover as a convert to Judaism. Got in tight with his fellow male converts. He had me going, honestly. He just seemed so devout! At any rate, once they were quite far along in the program, he asked them if they were planning on going through with circumcision as well. If they said yes, he’d bring up his foundation. I suppose he asked one too many men, because someone told me. I had to quite awkwardly ask him never to return to the synagogue. He said to me, ‘Fine, Rabbi. I’ll take my foreskin-lacking knob and march myself to the next synagogue that will have me.’” Fiona Muggins (Rabbi at Israel Congregation North)

“Oxford English was my first attempt at a foreskin transplant. He came to me with a cooler and ten-thousand quid and said, ‘Knock me out and do what you need to do.’ But, you see, I’m more into the organ harvesting business, not the organ transplanting business. But for ten-thousand quid, I’ll try anything. So I gave him a high dose of anesthesia and stitched that thing on. It only took his body a few days to start rejecting the… implant. His knob almost rotted off, and he was in hospital for weeks.” Anonymous “Doctor” #41


1530s, from fore- + skin (n.) A loan-translation of Latin prepuce.


foreskin /ˈfɔːskɪn/

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