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Definition of Hot Dog in English:

Hot Dog


1. A frankfurter, especially one served hot in a long, soft roll and topped with various condiments.

“Why, hot dog, old chap! That’s quite a spicy bratwurst you have there. May I have a bite? Please? Just a nibble? I’ll give you a light for a bite.” Oxford English

Hot Dog Quotes about Oxford English

“Oxford loves hot dogs. And of course he does; they’re one of the most phallic foods in existence, coming in third place behind the eggplant and the banana. I wouldn’t put it past him to combine all three foods into horrifically sweet and savory sausage fest.” Olivia English (Ex-Wife #51)

“Did you know that Oxford English is the reigning British champion for most hot dogs consumed in an hour? Last year, he won the Greater Essex Frankfurter Contest by consuming sixty-four hot dogs in ten minutes. He’s no Joey Chestnut, but that’s hardly anything to scoff at.” Violet Biggs (Greater Essex Frankfurter Contest Judge)

“Oxford used to own an American-style restaurant in London called “Weiners and Balls.” The only two items on the menu were hot dogs and meatballs. There was no room for variation. To eat at this restaurant, you had to order exactly one hot dog and two meatballs. They were placed, quite erotically, on your plate and drizzled in a questionable Alfredo sauce. I haven’t any pictures, but I’m sure you can use your imagination to understand why it only lasted a few months. They didn’t taste bad; it was the presentation that did that place in.” Amelia Crowning (Food Critic for What Not to Eat: London)

“I knew it was time for a divorce when Oxford started introducing hot dogs in the bedroom. At first I thought he was simply bringing me a snack before bed. But then he tried to – oh, it’s too improper for me to say. I am a lady. Use your imagination. – Rachel English (Ex-Wife #20)

“Have you purchased Oxford English’s hot dog cookbook? It’s available on Amazon: ten quid is all! It’s called, Brats and Franks and Sausages, Oh My! The Oxford English Essential Guide for Hot Dogs and Hot Dog Accessories. It was actually moderately successful amongst OED enthusiasts who also enjoy over-processed rubbish meat that no human should ever consume.” Terry Williamson (Oxford English Biographer/Stalker)

“I quite enjoyed Brats and Franks and Sausages, Oh My! If you try it, though, stay away from the dessert section. Chocolate hot dog fondue is not an idea that should be tried, ever, by anyone. The hot dog blancmange is quite strange, too.” Ellie Brewer-Masterson (Owner of the YouTube Channel, “I Eat Weird Shit and Try not to Die”)


Late 19th century: originally US college slang, probably influenced by a popular belief that the sausages contained dog meat.


hot dog /hot-dog/

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