Am I Addicted To The Matrix?

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Definition of The Matrix in English:

The Matrix


1 An environment or material in which something develops; a surrounding medium or structure.

“The Matrix is more than a film. It’s an idea stemming from the collective human consciousness. It’s built on the hope that there’s something greater than this thing we call the human experience.” Oxford English (after smoking from a particularly large opium pipe) 

2 An organizational structure in which two or more lines of command, responsibility, or communication may run through the same individual.

“The world is my matrix. Wrapped in latex. Taking day trips.” Oxford English, Matrix Poem #31, 1953

Matrix Quotes about Oxford English 

“I remember when The Matrix came out. Oxford and I went opening night. I was quite excited. There was a lot of hype surrounding it, and we hadn’t had a proper date in a while. So we went to the cinema, splurged on popcorn and Coca-Cola, and watched the movie. Little did I know, but that film was about to change Oxford’s life. We came out of it, and he just wouldn’t stop raving about how he was meant to see it – that The Matrix was made for him. Something about how ‘matrix’ was his favorite word when he was a lad. He insisted we go to the next available showing. And the next. And the next. We watched the bloody Matrix five times that day.” Samantha English (Ex-Wife #53)

“Oxford English was quite a fan of the Beat poets. Rumor has it he sort of… stalked Jack Kerouac. He wanted nothing more than to be a Beat poet himself, but he just kept trying to rhyme everything with ‘matrix.’ Funny word, matrix. It’s like orange. Nothing rhymes with it. That was only half of his problem, since the Beat poets also weren’t terribly fond of rhyming. Oxford is many things, but a poet? Not so much.” Colletta Sitwell (Literature Professor at NYU and Author of Jack Kerouac: No Time to Rhyme)

“Oxford English is probably one of the few people in the world who’s obsessed with Keanu Reeves. Ever since he saw the first Matrix film, he’s been creepily enamored with those sad, brown eyes and droopy fringe. He even keeps a life-sized cardboard cutout of Neo in his front room.” – Mary Flemming (Neighbor #5,291)

“When Matrix: Reloaded came out, Oxford English camped in front of the cinema just to get tickets the moment they opened the door. Thing is, he lived in our hole-in-the-wall Lancashire town at the time. Not like there was much of a demand to get in. He also pitched a tent in front of the theater three weeks before the actual showing. Refused to leave his post, even when a friend insisted he’d stand in for him. Eventually, the authorities were contacted because it was considered a public health violation. I suppose if you shit in a bucket in the middle of town, you’ve got that coming.” Felicity Legg (Box Office Worker, Crouch End Theatre)


Late Middle English (in the sense ‘womb’): from Latin, ‘breeding female’, later ‘womb’, from mater, matr- ‘mother’.


Matrix /ˈmeɪtrɪks/

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