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Definition of Meeting in English:



1. An assembly of people for a particular purpose, especially for formal discussion

“The elegant beadledom of the modern meeting should be savored like a vintage Chateau Margaux.” Oxford English

2. A situation when two or more people meet, by chance or arrangement.

“By chance, I met Stephen Hawking while we both attended Cambridge, and spent the afternoon chattering on about everything from particle physics to the inevitable end of the universe. It was my favorite kind of meeting: a meeting of the minds.” Oxford English

Meetings Quotes about Oxford English

“Oxford? At Cambridge? Where the devil did you get that idea? Said he had a meeting with Stephen bloody Hawking? No, no, no. He worked with me at a punting company in Cambridge back in the sixties, and, yes, he did give Stephen Hawking a ride once, but it was hardly a meeting of the minds. Oxford was three sheets to the wind and ended up tipping the punt.” George Geoffreys (Former employee at Percival’s Punts)

“Everyone hates meetings, right? Not Oxford English. He was my boss at the Onibury Paper Pushing Company. Never in my life have I seen someone so obsessed with explaining bureaucratic tomfoolery. He scheduled a three-hour meeting every bloody day, and we’d be forced to discuss such fascinating topics as dung beetles, the socio-economic conditions of French Guiana, and Tibetan throat singing. How, pray tell, do such topics have anything to do with the fine art of paper pushing? We never did get anything done. When people ask me why we went under, I give them two words: Oxford English.” Edward Rollins (Quite a stand-up family man with no discernable qualities or features)

“I went on one of Oxford English’s infamous retreats back in ’71. It sounded quite motivational on the flier. ‘Discover your spiritual self with three days in the Peak District!’ Sounded great, and we were all a bit hyped about LSD in those days. When I got there, I was pleased to find plenty of LSD, but we never got to enjoy nature like we were supposed to. Mr. English kept us shuttered up in this white-walled, fluorescent hell of a boardroom in meeting after meeting. I don’t remember what we talked about. Just that, occasionally tigers would start to come out of the walls. That was entertaining, at least.” Josie Stinkersting (Former cult member)

“He was briefly a Quaker, you know. But he’d be mad if you called him that. ‘We’re the Society of Friends!’ he’d say. Well, I say you were still shaking in your shoes. I know for a fact he only joined because of his perverse obsession with meetings. Quakers, see, they hold meetings rather than masses. And you know how Oxford loves meetings. He stormed out of there when he realized he couldn’t control the flow of conversation.” Stella May Roth (Ex-Mistress #1,002)


Middle English (in the sense ‘made to fit’): shortening of Old English gemǣte, of Germanic origin; related to mete.


Meeting /ˈmiːtɪŋ/

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