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Definition of Mentalist in English:



1. A magician who performs feats that apparently demonstrate extraordinary mental powers, such as mind-reading

“By George, I’m a regular mentalist! Think of a number… any number… It’s three! No? Seventy-eight, then? Still no…?” Oxford English

2. {British informal} An eccentric or mad person

“One person’s mentalist is another’s Cambridge scholar.” Oxford English

Mentalist Quotes about Oxford English

“I think when people first started referring to Oxford as a mentalist, they meant it in the way that suggests he’s mad. Bonkers. Off his rocker. But of course, Oxford, who has less self-awareness than a crumpet, took it to mean he could be a bloody musician. Now the man thinks himself a regular Criss Angel. In fact, he thought he was so cool that he could start spelling his name all ridiculous-like. Tried going by Ocksfud for a while. Had poorly-designed business cards made up and everything.” Dewey Crossham (Neighbor #212)

“Ah, yes, the never-ending, always tiring Ocksfud English mentalist act. He liked to hang ‘round Victoria Station and do magic tricks for all the tourists. If you ask me, he was more of a Gob Bluth than a David Blaine. One time, I was down in there playing my guitar for some extra quid, and he stopped this young German couple who had no bloody idea what they were getting into. ‘Cause Ocksfud didn’t understand that mentalism involved tricks. No – he thought he was quite literally supposed to read these poor sods’ minds. He said to the woman, Heidi, ‘I know what he’s thinking about right now… do you know a Julia?’ She punched her husband right in the nose and left him there, all bloodied up, and went to wander ‘round London herself.” Harvey Knappy-Sod (Actually Quite a Talented Musician)

“Ocksfud English is the greatest mentalist the world had ever seen! I knew Markus had been cheating on me with his secretary! I bet it’s because she can twist herself up like a little Bavarian pretzel! The nerve of him. Well, a woman like that, you think she can cook Weiner schnitzel? No! All she can do is put his weiner in her schnitzel! Good riddance!” Heidi Fischer (Jilted Wife)

“If I ever get my hands on that Ocksfud English, I swear I’ll – what? You don’t like when Germans get angry? Well, don’t you have your lederhosen in a bunch! Julia was just my secretary. Ocksfud just picked a common German name because he’s a dirty mentalist, and it destroyed my marriage! I’m suing him for defamation, you know. And I’ll be dancing from here to the Black Forest when I get the Deutschmarks owed to me!” – Markus Fischer (Arguably Jilted Husband) 

“What a lying piece of schiesse Markus is! He called me his sweet Fraulein, took me on a riverboat cruise down the Rhine… and now all that is ruined because of some meddling English mentalist?” Julia Klein (Fischer Secretary #12)


1782, from mental + -ist. Originally in reference to artistic taste.


mentalist /ˈmɛnt(ə)lɪst/

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