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Definition of recycle (verb) in English:



1 [verb] Convert (waste) into reusable material.

1.1   [verb] Return (material) to a previous stage in a cyclic process.

“A wise man once said, ‘Willful waste makes woeful want.” An even wiser man said, “recycle everything but needles and catheters.” Oxford English

2 [verb] Use again.

“Why, no – I’m not plagiarizing! I’m simply recycling Shakespeare’s material. Every middle-aged man has asked himself, ‘To pee or not to pee” in the middle of the night!” Oxford English

Recycling Quotes about Oxford English

“Back in the 80s, Oxford decided to start a bicycle recycling center, which he, of course, dubbed ReBicycle. He’d take people’s old, unwanted bikes and refurbished them. Well, once he had fifty or so, he realized there was no way he’d ever need fifty bikes. Even if he gave one to each of his ex-wives, he’d still have a few left over! So he went to setting up a bike rental shop in Westminster and started renting them to tourists for a tenner. Well, problem is… Oxford’s rubbish at fixing bicycles. They’d start breaking down right after they were rented. In the middle of the road. On bridges. One poor bloke from Aberdeen, his breaks misfired and he went flying over the handlebars and into the Thames. Rumor has it he grew an extra arm. Don’t look at me – I wasn’t sued! I just ran the numbers. Had nothing to do with it.” Giles Luckinbil (ReBicycle Accountant, June 1, 1980 – July 8, 1980)

“Ye’r gunna com in hyere ahskin’ me about Oxford English? I sued that Sassenach for all he was werth!  Unfortunately, he wasn’t werth mooch, but it was enough to get me therd arm amputated. Fookin recycled bikes.” Fergus Mungo (ReBicycle Accident Survivor #22)

“Oxford’s obsession with recycling is about the only thing I don’t hate about him. What am I supposed to say? He’s a friend to the environment. Goes to oil spills and cleans up birds with Dawn dish soap. Pulls turtles out of plastic rings. I know you want me to spew some shit about him here, but… I can’t. Ask me another question so I can take the mickey out on him later.” – Roger Cammish (Ranger, Brecon Beacons National Park)

“While most lads got to enjoy their summers at the beach, my dad paraded me around in an orange vest and made me help him clean the rubbish off the beaches. We’d go on “recycle-cations,” as he called it. Traveled all along the south coast, from Dover to Plymouth. I’d have to hide my stupid, sunburned face from the pretty girls in their bikinis as I skewered McDonalds cups and bottles full of piss. Dad’d always end up disappearing after a few hours and came back a little later in a much better mood. Probably went off to shag one of their mums. Webster English (Oxford’s Estranged Son)


1922, originally of industrial processes. Specifically of waste material from 1960.


recycle:  /riːˈsʌɪk(ə)l/

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