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Definition of Royalty in English:



1 [mass noun] People of royal blood or status.

“I’m closer to royalty than Prince Phillip; that’s for certain. Good old Liz should have married me instead. I’m always up for the challenge an older woman brings.” – Oxford English

1.1 A member of the royal family.

“Why, yes, I love royalty! Twinings. Earl Gray. Half and half with a touch of sugar, if you please.” – Oxford English

Royalty Quotes about Oxford English

“Oxford is positively infatuated with royalty. Especially when it’s in the form of royal weddings. Doesn’t matter where he is in the world. When he hears there’s a royal wedding, he stops everything he’s doing to attend. Not that he’s invited, per se. But it’s like they say: if there’s  a will, there’s a way… as long as you aren’t caught. Unfortunately, Oxford isn’t the sneakiest bloke in the world. He managed to go undetected for Charles and Diana’s. But he was younger. More spry. He got caught during William and Kate’s nuptials. How, you might ask? Well, the old nutter tried to repel down from the vaulted ceiling of Westminster! How he got up there in the first place, I have no idea.” – Jude Woolworthy (One of the Off-Putting Choir Boys Who Sings at Royal Weddings)

“Guess who’s obsessed with The Crown? Oxford English is, of course! I swear he lives vicariously through Winston Churchill when he watches that show. The presence of royalty makes him far more cantankerous than he usually is. He even starts acting like – dare I say it? – a conservative! Did you know he’s planning to get into government so he can eventually run for Prime Minister? He wants those weekly meetings with the Queen; I know he does. He’s always wanted to kiss her arse. Whether literally or metaphorically, I’ll let you decide.” Rhea English (Daughter #5)

“Oxford English was in mourning for three years after Princess Diana died. He bought hundreds of those purple Diana beanie babies. He wore shirts with her face on them every day. Honestly, I never thought he’d recover. Talk about an obsession with royalty!” – Annette English (Ex-Wife #3)

“You know how Ringo was knighted recently? Well, that really set Oxford off. ‘Why can’t I be knighted?’ he said. It was all he would talk about for weeks. He’s still not over it. Even when you tell him knights are nobility, not royalty, he doesn’t listen. I said, ‘Oxford, you can’t expect to sue the Oxford English Dictionary and gain a knighthood.’ But he won’t listen. He never listens.” Wilimena Oxford (Sister #2)

“Oxford swears up and down he’s descended from royalty. Sometimes he says he’s related to Alfred the Great. Other times, it’s William the Conqueror. He used to insist I called him My Lord in bed. Made for some interesting role playing, if nothing else.” Eleanor Bigsby-Nottingham (Mistress #338 and 487)


Late Middle English: from Old French roialte, from roial (see royal).


royalty /ˈrɔɪəlti/

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