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Definition of Sexting in English:



1. Send (someone) sexually explicit photographs or messages via mobile phone.

“Calm yourself, Barnaby. I’ll finish my drink when I’m done sexting this hot toddy.” Oxford English

Sexting Quotes about Oxford English

“If there were an award for sending the most offensive and unsolicited photographs of one’s pork sword, I’ve little doubt Oxford English would win it. I went blind for two days the last time he sext me a picture of his wrinkly tallywacker. I was unaware that bollocks could droop quite so low in old age.” Garrett Fiddington (Scarred Neighbor #56)

“That old pervert is more randy than a Mormon missionary in Bangkok! And he’ll search out numbers to sext from everywhere. Barmy old fool can hardly use Facebook, but Tinder, Grindr, Craigslist? He’s a bloody god when it comes to those platforms. I don’t know how he finds so many people to get off with, either. It’s quite difficult to match his level of obsession and desperation, but I suppose the internet was invented for desperate people to virtually shag.” Rosaline English (Ex-Wife #13)

“There’s a rumor that Oxford actually started the sexting trend, if you’ll believe it. He had an old Nokia mobile back in the day – what a bloody brick that thing was. People didn’t even text all that often back then. Hell, there weren’t even cameras on most devices. But there was Oxford, typing away on his T9 keyboard and sending crude proto-emojis to potential partners.” Igor Penningsworth (Unofficial Oxford English biographer)

“Oxford English got caught up in the Ashley Madison scandal a couple of years back. He tried to pass it off as someone framing him, but Rubella knew better. She went took his phone while he was asleep and realized he’d been sexting ten different numbers that night alone. I’m surprised she didn’t club him over the head with that damned phone, but all she did was kick him to the curb. Such a cliché.” Hattie Marshfield (Friend of Rubella English)

“Oxford English is a wiley old fool when it comes to sexting, too. First you think he’s some young, attractive thing because he sends you pictures of fit blokes with their faces cropped out. Then when you start to get suspicious, he sends you the ol’ John Thomas. That bloke gives a whole new meaning to the term ‘dangly bits.’ Pardon me a moment. I need to vomit.” Annabelle Evercreech (Scarred sexting partner #82,741)

“Honestly, the most obnoxious thing about Oxford English’s sexting habit isn’t so much that he does it. That wouldn’t be any of my business – except he makes it my business because he accidently sexts me all the time. Oxford, mate, I’m your bleeding dentist! Organize your contacts and stop sending the rest of us pictures of you in the nude. No one wants to see your stiffy.” Dennis Scudamore (Scarred Dentist)


Early 21st century: blend of sex and text.


sext /sɛkst/

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