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Definition of Slipknot in English:



1. A knot that can be undone by a pull.

“We may frown upon public hangings in this day and age, but there’s no harm in knowing how to tie a proper slipknot, lad.” Oxford English

2. An American heavy metal band from Des Moines, Iowa, founded in 1995.

“The new Slipknot album changed my life! Their contribution to nu metal should be placed in the history books alongside names like the Beatles… or Mozart.” Oxford English

Slipknot Quotes about Oxford English

“Oxford English dressed up as a witch for Halloween ten years in a row. Why? Because he wanted to show everyone how he could tie a perfect slipknot. Certainly scared the trousers off the kids when he pretended to hang himself from a tree while giving out sweets. I should know; I was one of ‘em. Didn’t sleep properly for years.” Chesterford Rumple III (Scarred Child #336) 

“If I’m being honest, I didn’t think I’d ever see Oxford English get so excited about metal. He was always more of a punk fan in his younger years. But then he found out about this American band, Slipknot, and it was all downhill from there. Dunno what intrigued him so much. The masks? The anti-authority message? The fact that fans were always up for some kinky mamby-pamby in the loo after the show?” Nigel Huntington-Downer (Bouncer #9 at Croydon Centre Music Hall)

“Oxford actually went to an open audition when Slipknot was trying to find a new drummer. I mean, Oxford’s quite good on the bass guitar, believe it or not, but the drums? He’s an old, white limey. Bugger hasn’t got a shred of rhythm in him! Wanna know what happened? So he goes to the audition, sits down at the drum set, and starts playing the most cacophonic sounds you can imagine! Just bangin’ on ‘em, loud as can be! Gave the band temporary hearing loss. They had to postpone their tour because of Oxford bleedin’ English.” Alfie Norton (Jilted Slipknot Fan #3,088)

“Ah, yes, that Oxford English fellow. He was my neighbor. Lived in the flat above mine. I was quite excited, being the old gran that I am, to have another… mature person in the building. I thought we could play bridge and listen to Cliff Richard on the record player. But of course, Oxford English can’t be a normal old man who enjoys the dulcet, beautiful tones of music from our generation. No, he has to play CDs, and, dare I say… streaming music. From some Yankee group called Slipknot. He’d start up at three in the morning sometimes! I dare say he scared the whiskers off of me poor tom, Mr. Crunchbottom.” Gladys Sainsbury (Neighbor at Crotchety Court Road Semi-Luxury Flats)

“Oxford offered to suck my dick after following me into the bathroom at Harrod’s in London, so then I punched him in the face and got a restraining order against him as fast as I could.”  – Corey Todd Taylor (Lead Singer of Slipknot)


Slip: Middle English (in the sense ‘move quickly and softly’): probably from Middle Low German slippen (verb); compare with slippery.

Knot: Late Middle English: of unknown origin.


slipknot /slɪp-nɒt/

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