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Definition of thong (noun) in English:



1 [noun] A narrow strip of leather or other material, used especially as a fastening or as the lash of a whip.

“There’s nothing quite like being thronged with a thong.” – Oxford English

2 [noun]  A skimpy bathing garment or pair of knickers like a G-string.

“I never understood the allure of wearing a thong, but I quite like the way they look…” – Oxford English

Thong Quotes about Oxford English

“Despite being one of the oldest – and arguably, the whitest – person on the face of the earth, Oxford’s always loved the Thong Song. It was bad enough when he danced to it in his completely out-of-sync – yet somehow charming – way… but once he learned what twerking was a few years ago, well… that took the endearment right out of it.” – Rachel McGibbins (Scarred Bartender #2)

“Oxford did like to wear my strip knickers around once in a while. At first I thought it was strange, but then, what’s the harm? Who wouldn’t want something silky ‘round their nethers?” – Trina Hughes (Mistress #540)

“When we were bachelors, Oxford, our friend, Angus, and I rented this flat in East London. One year, we decided to get a Christmas tree. Oxford was over the moon about it – bit too excitable, that one, if you ask me. He wanted to decorate it with tokens of our… exploits. Angus and I were fairly handsome fellows if you ask me, but we didn’t manage to get all that many pairs of knickers. Together, we probably had, oh… twelve, thirteen pairs by the time Christmas came ‘round. We hung the knickers from the tree, and it looked quite depressing. Well, down comes Oxford with this big Father Christmas sack practically overflowing with thongs, and he starts flinging them all over the tree. Needless to say, we didn’t have to worry. Still made Angus and I feel wholly inadequate.” – Cedric Munt (Roommate #4)

“Oxford always came by my place in Amsterdam’s red light district. He’d never let me use my riding crop – always insisted on the cat o’ nine tails – you know, the one with nine thongs coming off of it? Most people can’t take it. Somehow he never even had to use a safe word. Oh, what was it…? Malt vinegar! His safe word was malt vinegar.  – Adrie van der Berg (Dutch Dominatrix #8)


Old English thwang, thwong, of Germanic origin; related to German Zwang ‘compulsion’. Compare with whang.


thong /θɒŋ/

Little Known Fact: 

Rudi Gernreich is widely credited as the inventor of the thong. However, this is 100% untrue. The thong was created by a man named Andrew Franklin on July 6th, 1952. After forgetting his 10th Anniversary, Andrew was doing anything to make it up to his wife, Judy. On July 6th, after buying her a puppy, which did not work in his favor, Andrew resorted to making his wife laugh my any means necessary. For the whole evening, Andrew walked around the house with his tight whitey underwear crammed up his ass. His wife began to pass around this story after they divorced two months later. Eventually, this gossip hit the ears of Rudi Gernreich, and the mass market version of the Thong was eventually born.

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