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Definition of Yakuza in English:



1 A Japanese organized crime syndicate similar to the Mafia.

“The Yakuza have a saying: ‘Watashi wa anata o korosudeshou.’ It means, ‘Live by the blade and die with honor.’ I think that’s beautiful.” Oxford English

Yakuza Quotes about Oxford English

“Oxford had his first run-in with the Yakuza once he got sick of Okinawa and headed to Tokyo. He thought he could fit into their hierarchy and become one of them. But Yakuza are notorious hardarses, which, Oxford, of course, is not. He actually did quite well for himself at first – managed to pull off a couple of drug runs for the Inagawa-kai. Unfortunately, he got held up in customs when he trying to get to Singapore. After some uncomfortable… prodding, the Singaporean authorities discovered one-hundred and twenty-five grams of cocaine on his person. Having dishonored the Inagawa-kai, he was given an ultimatum: cut of the tip of his pinkie and apologize, or be hunted to the ends of the earth. I’ll bet you know which one Oxford chose.” Tasha Yamaguchi (Author: The Gaijin Yakuza)

“Can you imagine dating some mad sod that’s wanted by the bloody Yakuza? Look, I’m a simple woman. Graduated, got a job as a shop girl – bartended on weekends for the tips – that sort of thing. I was just looking for some regular bloke! So o’ course I fall in with Oxford English! When we first met, I thought he was just spontaneous. He’d say, ‘My sweet little teacake, let’s go on an adventure!’ We planned a week’s holiday to Morocco. Well, that turned into a fortnight, which turned into two months, and before I knew it, we were camping out in some abandoned house in Brunei! Somehow, the Yakuza found us. We barely escaped with our lives, and I haven’t spoken to him since.” Patience Tuttle (Ex-Girlfriend #41)

“Oxford English? You know him? I’ve been… wondering what he’s been up to. If you see him, tell him his old friend, Ishida, is looking for him. What? The – Yakuza? I’ve never heard of them. Get out of my house.” Ishida Fumio (Completely normal, law-abiding Japanese citizen who certainly would never associate with the Yakuza)

“After twenty years or so, Oxford figured the Yakuza had given up the hunt. He’d been on the run on-and-off for nearly half his life, after all. So he decided to take a trip to Tokyo – said he really missed the sushi. I should have never believed him. Once we got there, he ended up stalking his old boss and begging him for a second chance! And Oxford, having certain… charms about him… got him to sodding accept!” John Winston (Friend? #11)


Japanese, from ya ‘eight’ + ku ‘nine’ + za ‘three’, referring to the worst hand in a gambling game.


Yakuza /jɑˈkuzə/

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