ADHD Video Game Therapy Looking For FDA Approval

Posted by Edward Ernest | May 20, 2018 | ADHD, News, Real News | 0 |

Based on what I’ve read, the trial only partly validated Akili’s belief it can improve outcomes in ADHD. Yes, the participants for four weeks performed better on a score of attention than those who played a non-therapeutic control game. However, there were secondary endpoints weakened the dataset.

In my opinion, I really don’t think this is enough evidence to continue with this type of therapy as it just seems like a marketing scheme to me. Fidget Spinners were marketed towards those with ADHD, but they actually make the problem worse. A video game sounds like it would do the same thing.

All of my doubts don’t worry the investing community though as Akili has still persuaded some notable investors to bankroll its plans. In addition to national wealth fund Temasek, Akili raised money from Baillie Gifford and the VC wings of Amgen and Merck KGaA.

If this can be the first ADHD FDA approved video game to market, there is no doubt that it will be marketed to the masses and hit the front of many big magazines. That kind of exposure is worth a fortune, and the risk-reward for the investors involved seems to be something they’re safe with.

The question at the end of the day will be ‘Does it really work?’

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