For the sake of transparency and building trust with you, Our Dear Reader (and because DUH, compliance with FTC guidelines) here is our policy on affiliate disclosures:

Yep. We do have some affiliate links peppered throughout our site,
They will hopefully be what makes delivering amazing content a sustainable thing in the long haul.

We are first and foremost in service of real talk about mental health and wellness; we want to shed light on these topics with honesty, humility, and humor. To be able to dedicate ourselves to creating top notch content for You Our Dear Reader is #1.

We promise to always be crystal clear with our associations and only to feature what we would already be wanting to share regardless of any potential gains for ourselves. These are products we believe in and stand behind. If you make a purchase from one of our links we may earn a small commission from the sale, the price is the same for you regardless. And no hard feelings if the idea makes you uncomfortable and you seek the product out on your own, we just want to connect people with what makes life better.

Our roster of affiliates is sure to change frequently as we grow and find new things to share. Pretty safe to resume that a fair amount of our links have an affiliate relationship attached. Please understand that if we promote it’s because we think it’s good!

Currently, we are affiliate partners with,,, Hay House Radio, Vitamix, Blendtec, and Grammarly.

Massive Phobia will never be associated with a company that we would not shop at ourselves. All of our shirts are made by Teepublic, which we design ourselves and love wearing. Our main book provider is Amazon which is as trusty as they come. We use our Apple, Grammarly, Vitmamix, and Blendtec products on a daily basis. And we are frequent listeners to Hay House Radio. In the future, we made add more affiliate companies to our current basket, and they will only be of the highest quality.

So thank you, Dear Reader for your understanding and your support, without you none of this would be possible!

If you have any questions about anything Massive Phobia sells or promotes or any other potential affiliations, please contact