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Maybe this sounds shallow, maybe it is. Like really shouldn’t I be focused on something more monumental and meaningful? But if you have ever been the person that has to put restrictions on your diet for one reason or another- diabetes, allergies, autoimmune issues, or maybe just old fashioned dieting to name a few. You know the pain of being the only one at the table not enjoying all things delicious, then you probably understand.

I try and be grateful for the good thing in life, even the ones that are the silver lining on otherwise dark and ominous clouds. Like, lucky me I don’t have to rely on will alone (well I do, just the consequences of my folly are swift and unpleasant) to make better food choices. When most everything that is “bad” (which we really should move away from, food isn’t bad, it just might not be a “good” choice at the moment for an individual) is off limits. It kind of gets easier to make lots of consecutive better selections that add up to good health.

But every so often, even when I can effectively say no to that amazing pizza my whole family is yumming over (and like any addict once I fall off the wagon, I fall hard), it’s often some hidden ingredient in the food I didn’t even want that sneaks out and gets me. So I didn’t get the satisfaction, and I still feel sick. I tried but I did not try hard enough it seems.

One of my most favorite things in life has turned into one of my least favorites, well unless I go above and beyond. I really miss eating tempura, and it would be possible, but I can’t go down to the spot by my house that I love (no idea what they are sourcing), now eating it means doing a bunch of research. I need to source the ingredients and supplies, trying my best to master a new technique, and ending up with some frankenfood facsimile. Not really the same at all. Then multiply that against all the wonderful tasty morsels I am likely destined not to  eat without suffering. Fun right?! Ugh!

So if you have ever eaten a terrible iceberg salad, with a dried out unseasoned chicken breast, and a squeeze of lemon, while all your friends shared ooye gooey cheesey nachos. If you have ever gone hungry at a party because they literally have no food that isn’t going to hurt you in one way or another and you didn’t want to be the weirdo with a Tupperware container in the corner. If a server, and all your table mates have ever rolled their eyes at you as you try to reasonably check if your food is safe. If you will never eat your most beloved childhood comfort food (unmodified) with your family again. This post is for you!

In an alternate universe, there’s a happy version of me somewhere sitting down to a table at an amazing restaurant. And instead of looking at the menu and wondering “I wonder what, if anything I can eat here, and will I be sick after anyways.” Instead of that I am back to “hmm, everything sounds great but what am I in the mood for. what should I get? One of everything I want! Yes we can share:)”

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