In an Alternate Universe There’s a Happy Version of Me Somewhere

It’s a funny way in which this community art blog came to be. It all started with the title, but it was the way in which the title was created that was the absolute best to me.

I was in Montreal to meet an old friend that I went to school with when we were both in our early twenties. He was visiting Montreal from Edmonton for his brother’s bachelor party, and I was called two days before he left and was asked to meet him there. It was short notice, but for this man, whom I love dearly, I was there in a heartbeat.

Now I must explain my friend to the best of my ability. He’s got a lovable enthusiastic face. He has a zest for debate on all subjects. He’s well rounded and an unrepentant geek to the point of endearment. He’s a good listener, a good friend, a good brother, a good son and just a good person……. He’s also never had anything go his way. If you believed in luck, he would have only received the bad version. Some of his issues stem from him being a good person and being taken advantage of, some from his low self-esteem, and some from his perfectionism which grounds him to a halt. These days, he’s been unlucky with his health and has developed a heart issue at a very young age and now walks with a cane. In spite of it all, he still is candid and up front about everything that goes on with him in a very matter of fact type of way that sometimes makes me laugh in his presence due to its innocent honesty. I’m not laughing at him when some things come out of his mouth. It’s that the way he says some of these things, and when you combine that with a scenario that he’s in, it just makes for a laugh. And he would agree wholeheartedly.

On this very rainy day in Montreal, he came to my hotel room to hang out, as I wasn’t feeling very bachelor party and didn’t want to hang out with his brother’s friends. They were lovely people, but I just wasn’t in the Bro Dude type of mood at that very moment.

While we were hanging out, he called one of our old friends from school, and we had a group chat that left me laughing pretty hard. It was unfortunate that our third friend couldn’t make the trip as well, but it was all last minute. During this conversation, I had to take a phone call, so I stepped about 25 feet away and had the brief call. It only lasted 25 seconds before I hung up the phone, but when I got off the phone, I heard the words that had me laughing my ass off. As my friend walked and talked on his cell phone, in the most matter of fact nonchalant way, he uttered the words “In an alternate universe there’s a happy version of me somewhere.” 

He was just being honest and himself. You would look at his face and never see the pain that he was constantly battling. He said this phrase with the biggest smile on his face and I cackled to the point where he started laughing hysterically too. Then he explained to our friend on the phone what I was laughing at and that friend began laughing as well. It was a full on laugh circle jerk and my favorite moment in a very long time. Just three old friends enjoying the sadness of our lives. And that’s how this art blog category was born.

So what do we want from you and everyone that contributes to this blog? We want you to draw what it looks like to be in the alternate universe that makes you happy and then write a little blurb about what we’re seeing. Yup! It’s that simple!. We’ll be conducting contests every now and again for this blog, but in the meantime, if you want to participate submit your drawings with your Happy Universe explanations to

Here’s an example for you.

Cruising the Universe

Just floating around the Universe in my cool my spaceship. It’s soooooooo far into the future that I don’t even know what year it is anymore. And I can float around in my spaceship as long as I want because my hair is not just hair. It’s part kale and a little bit of seaweed. I can live off my own body as I can also recycle my own pee through a filtration system and it becomes clean water on the other end. Pretty awesome, I know. My best friend and co-pilot is the Speed of Light. He’s really quick on his feet when we encounter Asteroid fields and such. And our third mate, but co-best friend is a Cloud with Silver Lining because you can’t be happy all the time. That just wouldn’t be living. Not being happy all the time is kinda what makes the good times better. Anyway, we just like enjoying each others company, exploring the universe, finding new things, goofing around, cracking jokes, then reporting back home what we found. Space may be the final frontier, but it’s also pretty relaxing too. It’s like camping, but without the bugs.

Now here are all the ‘In an Alternate Universe There’s a Happy Version of Me Somewhere’ blog posts just for you.