Amanda Seyfried Discusses Her Battle With Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

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These days, it’s becoming safer for celebrities to discuss their anxiety and depression issues. However, you rarely hear them discuss other disorders, which is why it was so refreshing to hear Amanda Seyfried address her battle with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and her concerns after giving birth to her child.

Seyfried has been on Lexapro – a drug prescribed to manage depression and anxiety – since she was 19-years-old and, although she expected her mental health to plummet when she became pregnant, she actually noticed her symptoms eased.

“I’m not on a very high dose. There’s definitely a wrong and a right drug for each person. It’s all about your chemistry. Medication is very helpful for OCD. They say it’s 30% helpful and the other 70% is your own work. Pharma companies are the devil in a lot of ways, but we need those drugs. It’s just how they’re being managed [that worries me].”

She further explained “I prepared myself before I had her by going back to CBT [cognitive behavioural therapy], just to get myself in that frame of mind to notice when my OCD might be getting worse. But it turns out you’re way too busy with other things anyway. It definitely didn’t void it, but it’s absolutely gotten quieter. You have less time to worry, or to focus or obsess about things you may be used to, and it’s so grounding. It’s real. They depend on you completely now.”

Hopefully, more celebrities will discuss other mental health issues in the future such as Schizophrenia to help reduce the stigma and give others hope to lead healthier lives.

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