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The following list of my top 10 breakup movies are the ones that have gotten me through the toughest of times. Yes, I date a lot, and that means I’m breaking up with people at a pace that’s higher than the normal rate. But this list is good for all different types of folks, not just me. So if you’re getting over a fuckboy (or in my case, a fuckgirl)? Or you just got out of a long-term relationship? It doesn’t matter! Just check out these flicks to cheer yourself up while waiting around for time to heal all your wounds.

1. Bridesmaids 

Encapsulates the “all my friends are getting married” sentiment perfectly. You can happily watch as things implode from wedding plans to “new” annoying ass friendships. It’s like the opposite of a wedding album on Facebook. It lets you laugh and even imagine that this is your “super happy” friend. Very Cathartic.

2. Meet the Patels

This hilarious documentary really hit home for me. Ravi is 30 and never married- like me. He’s crushed over his failed two-year relationship that his parents never even heard about (too familiar..). His parents send him on a stream of unsuccessful dates for arranged marriage. Ravi eventually concludes that dating with the intention of marrying isn’t working for him and that a less forced route (read: organic) is a wiser choice.

3. Girls Trip 

This movie inspired me to reconnect with my girl squad and hit up the city. Sometimes when I’m single, I spend too much time trying to get back into a relationship instead of focusing on building new memories. This movie inspired me to get the clique together- and we’ve agreed to try out one new club a month! This will help us to branch out into new scenes, meet new people and lessen the risk of running into my ex.

4. Below Her Mouth

This is straight up lesbian porn with a twist. I almost got my roof done after this in hopes of a sexy female roofer showing up. Love isn’t always where you’re looking for it.

5. How to Be Single

NYC-based singles tutorial starring Dakota Johnson & Rebel Wilson. It reminded me that boys can buy me drinks with their “sausage wallets” and that as a single woman, I could still get myself pregnant (for the right $$$). This modern self-love romcom is one I can get behind. 

6. Blue is the Warmest Colour

This amazingggg flick is a friendly pornographic reminder that not all dream relationships are made to last. This film is psychotically well done and equally showcases the deep ass pain that comes with obsession mistaken as love. It encapsulates a passion that I could only strive for in my next relationship. 

7. People You May Know 

This movie scared me off of Tinder. Watching someone craft an identity from scratch to be more interesting is just a friendly reminder of how manipulative apps can be.  Stay the fuck away from platforms that let people self-identify their strengths (but not weaknesses).

8. 500 Days of Summer

A cautionary tale about the pain of one person falling in love and the emotions of unreciprocated feelings coming back.

9. High Fidelity

This film is about falling deeply for someone, then meeting their other dating prospects. Been there done that, and it’s driven me fucking nuts. I feel this on a deep level.

10. The Breakup 

This film is about the hilarious intricacies and politics of a breakup when you still live together. I was taking notes for vengeance, left, right, and center.

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