The Art Of The Gathering With Donald Trump Jr.

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They say it takes a village to raise a child and that’s the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Trust me on this one. I was raised in an orphanage just outside of Dallas and that community helped raise the best damn advertising executive this side of Texas. And do you know who else knows the benefits of fostering community relationships? That’s right! Donald Trump Jr.! And he is just a wonderfully humble kind gentleman and a big fan of the book ‘The Art of Gathering‘ by Priya Parker. Do you know the book? If not, you should buy it today. Why you ask?

Have you ever been involved in a meeting? At a party? Talking to a bunch of kids? And nothing connects! Nothing about anything discussed became relevant, memorable, or thought-provoking? Yeah, I’ve been on many first dates like that too! And it wasn’t because they were real dogs either. Seriously, a guy like me only dates tens, and the same goes for my good buddy Donald Trump Jr.

FYI, he’s back on the market, ladies!

The Don Jr. and I were discussing how groundbreaking, yet simple, the techniques in The Art of Gathering truly are, and that even a moron could incorporate these principles into their own business and family life with the utmost success.

Don Jr. regaled me with a superb story about how The Art of Gathering worked perfectly in his life when he organized a get together at Trump Tower with himself, Paul Manafort (Great Guy), Jared Kushner (Makes An Amazing Mojito), Natalia Veselnitskaya (Has The Singing Voice Of An Angel), Rob Goldstone (Plays A Mean Air Guitar), and three other really cool Russian dudes.

Don Jr. said he was so nervous about hosting this gathering, but he did a lot of pre-planning to ease his fears by telling everyone to each have a new type of drinking game to play so they could all play these games for the very first time. As the book says, the purpose is to help everyone in the room realize and practice the skill of rule formation. If the society we live in is a game, then changing the world is making the rules we want to play. And the drinking game was a perfect way to go about that, according to Don Jr., and he said Jared Kushner got really drunk and started doing Kermit the Frog impressions that had everyone in tears laughing.

After the laughing, Don Jr. brought in the big finish where everyone was so comfortable with each other already that they then began to share vulnerable things about themselves to bring the whole group closer together. He said that he can’t share any of the info discussed as it’s so personal, but he added, based on what transpired, they now share a bond that can never be broken.

If that’s not proof that The Art of Gathering is the most amazing book that ever existed and that you should run out today and buy it immediately, then I don’t know what is?!!!!!

What are you all waiting for? Let’s get The Art of Gathering into our hands today, so we can have the gatherings and communities we want tomorrow.

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