Golden Girls For Being My Friends

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Sadly, this week’s edition of Bad Poetry is about judgment. A topic we all know too well. Being judged for the way you look is part of life in the western world. The next generation of children won’t know any other way, and it seems to be getting worse with the rise of social media. 

The importance of how you look, especially in the era of selfies, puts an enormous amount of pressure on a child, and it’s now creeping upwards into the adult world as well, and it’s not healthy.

Yes, you’re going to be judged by others, but now, self-judgement is running rampant, and this needs to be nipped in the bud.

The worst thing we here at Massive Phobia can think of, when it comes to this subject, is for a person to be influenced by what they are seeing/hearing and then become their own worst enemy. It makes us sick just thinking about it.

It may start with negative feelings about how you may look, but those negative feelings might start seeping into other aspects of your life, and that’s not being fair to yourself. These feelings may begin to shatter your confidence when it comes to school, work, and any/all activities in which you may be involved. This includes your idea of relationships and what you’re willing to accept based on how you deem your self-worth.

We wrote the below piece of Bad Poetry to get you to giggle, but also to bring up the loneliness one can feel when attacked for what you look like, and the real-life repercussions that may occur. As we wrote above, negative thoughts about self-worth can eventually become the voice in your head and lead you to contemplate suicide.

We want you to remember that the negative voice in your head is NOT your voice. It’s the influence of society and other people. That voice may have been inside you for a long period of time, and it’s hard to get rid of it, but it’s possible. Anyway, we hope you enjoy our poetry, and if you feel like you need to talk to someone right away about your self-esteem or other mental health issues you’re having, and don’t have anyone at all to talk to, our friends at Better Help are here to listen by CLICKING HERE.

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