Dear God, I’m OCDing Hard Right Now

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We haven’t touched much on Obsessive Compulsive Disorder on this website yet, and we’re working on creating some interesting art for you OCD sufferers to consume.

Today’s bad poem is for you OCD Lock Checkers out there. You know who you are!!! You people repeatedly check locks to ensure that they’re properly bolted? Then you know you locked it but you check it again? Then you do it again, just in case. Does this sound like you yet? Oh, and how many times have I gone back to check the locks of the car? Tons!

The fear is usually that someone may break in and steal possessions, or cause harm, and that the person with OCD would be responsible for not having checked the lock initially. This type of compulsion is particularly common when someone has OCD that is triggered by a traumatic event such as rape or burglary. For me, I grew up in a family with a particular member who had fast fingers.

I couldn’t leave my room without the fear of something being stolen. My wallet, keys, and cell phone never leave my side now, and if somehow they aren’t there, I get panic attacks.

I don’t know when the locks started, but eventually, it all crept into my life. Now they’re here to stay.

If this sounds like you at all, then big hugs and this bad poem was written just for you.

Bad Poetry, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

Dear God, I’m OCDing Hard Right Now

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