Small Town America

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Small Town America

A long time ago, when in very low-lows, I tried my hand at poetry. However, not every can be a poet and it seems that poetry was telling me to go back to my day job of being humorous. Having a free flow on paper was a cathartic creative outlet, but I couldn’t really evoke my feelings (or how I wanted my feeling to sound) through my words and I only felt shame after reading my words a week later. I was that bad. Fast forward to today, I’m actually quite proud of my bad poetry and I’m not embarrassed by it in the least. I was young and very judgmental of myself, which is something I continue to work hard on…..Yes, it was/is still bad, terribly, terribly bad poetry, but I now have a sense of humor about it all. Those poems still exist in some books that are currently in storage and I will share them once found. This website is about seeing the humor in dark situations and opening up a dialogue. Below is a piece of Bad Poetry, created by me, but as a character. I can still write Bad Poetry quite easily. All I need to do is try to write good poetry and the bad just comes right out. It’s that easy for me. It’s a piece about being depressed and different in Small Town America. I hope you enjoy it. If you’re battling depression, anxiety, PTSD, amongst other mental health issues and are have suicidal thoughts,  please call the National Suicide Hotline at 1-800-273-8255.  You can also visit their website by just clicking right here -> National Suicide Prevention Lifeline.

Being Gay in Small Town America letter

Being Gay in Small Town America

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