Ellis is Afraid of Everything

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Hey! It’s me Ellis! Hope you’re swell. I know you’re used to me posting in my very own section but I thought I’d help Edward Ernest out, as he was feeling real crummy, so here I am. Are you excited? Cause I sure am.

So today I was floating around town, and I was feeling all gross and yucky, cause us Red Circles aren’t too fond of humidity. Back where I’m from, when humidity hits, our mood goes straight down the river, and you can tell because we turn a darker shade of red. It’s kinda embarrassing, but no one says anything about it either. Whenever I turn a darker shade of red, it’s a warning sign that something may not be alright with me. Like I’m probably feeling real crummy and stuff.

Where was I going with this? Oh yeah! I get lost sometimes trying to float from point A to point B, mostly while trying to get to Z too fast, but that’s another story for another time. One story at a time my step-mother used to say. She was kinda crummy but kinda made sense sometimes. Okay, for real now, back to my story. I hope it’s a good story, but now there’s so much pressure….

I remembered my friend Edward Ernest, he usually writes all the Bad Poetry on this site, and I don’t know why he calls it bad because a lot of it is pretty cool. I think he’s just like me and would rather label something as bad so he can feel like he isn’t being judged and I’m going off tangent again. Oh… I feel real crummy about that run on sentence. Fudge! What’s with me? Okay, staying on the path now.

Anywho, Edward was up really late last night fixing this very website, and he works real hard, and I knew he needed a break. I wanted to contribute more, but I didn’t know how because I don’t know how to write poetry or at least I don’t think I’d be good at it. So I was thinking about how to help him, and then while I was floating around town, I ran right into two amazing poets. Bam! Like right there in the street. Out of nowhere like a magic trick. They just appeared. It was pretty cool if you ask me.

One of the poets asked me what I wanted them to write about and I didn’t know what to say. I was kinda intimidated cause I’ve never met real poets like these two before. Like all cool looking and stuff and not stuffy like my dad and his friends. I sooooooo wanted the poem to be the best because I was going to do Edward Ernest proud and post it here, so he didn’t have to do any work today and hope that he got the rest he needed. He’s a really good guy, and he’s been real good to me, and I would give my right leg, if I had one, to make his day easier because he’s made so many of mine that way.

He always likes telling me to do just be myself and he really enjoys hearing my stories about how I grew up and how I see the world. So when the poet asked me what I wanted the poem to be about, I knew Edward would want the poem to be about me. So that’s what I asked for and what happened next was truly out of this world times jelly beans.

This magical poet got a sparkle in her eye that rivaled any sparkle that I have ever seen. Stronger than that of Harry Potter, Peter Pan, and Eloise combined! Then it felt like this poet put me under a spell, and shot her sparkle army right through my Red Circle body, and it swung all the way back into her poet’s heart. I was left breathless as her nimble fingers fiercely typed out everything it learned about me. I was in anticipation heaven. I went from feeling crummy to feeling giggly just like that. I guess that’s what magic does to you. I guess.

I watched her in her element, and I hung off of every slam of the keys and then……….she was done. She handed me her poem, and I cried inside, not because of sadness, but because this magical poet saw right through me. Even when someone writes something sad about you and you think it would make you feel crummy, it doesn’t, because if it’s true, like what this magical poet wrote, then it just felt nice to be seen for who and what I really am. And that’s just magic. So yeah, magic and poems are pretty neat if you ask me.

I hope you like this poem about me as much I did. And if anyone else thinks they’re a magic poet, I’d love to read your poems about me too! That would be real neat-O!

Ellis is Afraid of Everything

downcast eyes that realized there was

sadness the rain, fear can sit and

become pain, that they were more than

just a name, i am a colour, because my

life is just a slice of light,

and i am scared of the darkness

although i want to be alright

i want to live in fearlessness

like the fire of the lioness

but with downcast eyes, i will survive

even though the world has been unkind

and there is rain inside

my mind.


The above poem was written for Ellis by Leah Benetti. You can find her other work on Instagram @pseudonymsays

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