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Doesn’t it seem like many of the bad poems on this site so far are addiction related and specifically gambling? Why is that? It’s been an unconscious decision so far, and now that we’re aware of it, we’ll delve deeper into why.

Speaking of unconscious decisions, let’s talk about addiction. Many addicts don’t know why they begin and don’t look at their deep rooted issues that trigger their addictions. This could be sex, gambling, food, exercise, drug and the list goes on. A void is trying to be filled, and no matter what the addiction is, it will never be enough. It isn’t until the addict delves deeper into resolving the underlying issues that are propelling them into a vicious cycle of ‘trigger to addiction’ and back again, can a person attempt to kick their habits for good. Some addicts know what their causes are but many are confronting these unconscious feelings for their first time, and it’s a very scary place to be.

Dealing with yourself for the first time is not easy. There will be steps forward and backward. Just remember to be easy on yourself.

Now on with the poem. This one is for the strong people who’ve been in relationships with an addict. You know when the addict tries to flip everything around on you? And you’re caught in between being loyal/an enabler and taking the first step to getting the addict help? Anyway, this one’s for you.


Bad Poetry, Gambling AddictionRoses Are Red
Violets are Blue
I Liquidated Our Bank Account
And Sold The Car Too
I’m Off To The Casino
To Win It All Back
We’ll Live In A Mansion
With Caviar Snacks
The Kids Will Be Proud
Thrilled I’m Their Dad
As I Can’t Stand Their Faces
Long, Dirty, And Sad
P.S. Please Don’t Tell My Parents Or I’ll Be Super Pissed Off!

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