Negate Fear Blame Rinse Repeat

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The below piece of Bad Poetry touches on a couple of the tell-tale signs of depression in all its terrible glory.

The first of the signs is not just negativity but negation of your own abilities. This type of negation will show up as Fortune Telling by saying things like “I’ll Fail The Exam.” It can also manifest itself by Discounting Positives which would sound like “Those things were easy and in the grand scheme of things it doesn’t matter anyway.”

The second sign that’s discussed in the poem is Blaming. Many depressed people will refuse to take responsibility for their own actions and will tend to blame someone else for the negative things that are happening to them. For example, a depressed person might say “I wouldn’t be in this shitty situation if it weren’t for my parents.”

If this sounds like you or a loved one, then please do seek professional help and let others know that you’re feeling depressed. The below piece of Bad Poetry was written just for you.

Bad Poetry | Negate Fear Blame Rinse Repeat | Depression

Bad Poetry | Negate Fear Blame Rinse Repeat | Depression

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