Sociopath Among Us

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Have you ever come into contact with a sociopath? Do you know the traits to look for? Have you been friends with one? Have you been related to a sociopath your whole life? Or maybe you married one?

According to the dictionary, the definition of a sociopath is as follows; a person with a personality disorder manifesting itself in extreme antisocial attitudes and behavior and a lack of conscience.

Does that even mean anything to you? Probably not. So let us look at some signs that you a sociopath may be involved in your life.

  1. Having A Pretty Darn Big Ego
  2. Lying & Being Manipulative
  3. No Empathy
  4. Showing No Remorse/Shame
  5. Staying Calm In Dangerous Situations
  6. Behaving Irresponsibly – Extreme Impulsivity
  7. Having Very Few Friends
  8. Being Superficially Charming
  9. Constantly Seeks Stimulation
  10. Showing Disregard For Societal Norms
  11. Intense Eyes

Now that we have the signs out of the way. You should now read the below piece of Bad Poetry to get a first-hand account of what it feels like to be married to a sociopath.

Can you feel the sadness and the anger? Do you relate to this poem? If so, we’re giving you big hugs right now. Just remember, don’t be jealous of the sociopath’s next partner, that person will one day feel exactly like you do. Feel sorry for them. Also, don’t try and tell that person what’s about to happen as they are under a spell and most definitely will not listen to you.

Bad Poetry, Sociopath Among UsBad Poetry | Sociopath Among Us

Little Known Fact:

In the not too distant future, as we here at Massive Phobia can see the future, wearing Socks and Sandals aka Birkenstocks will eventually become a worldwide hipster phenomenon.

Birkenstock sales will skyrocket, and its parent company will eventually become the most valuable corporation on earth.

Because the history of hipsterdom is rooted in a sociopathic ideology, Socks and Sandals will have officially become the clothing option of choice for most future sociopaths, and you should add that to any future list of sociopath traits or characteristics.

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