The Seeds That I Sow

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If you’re a gambling addict or a loved one to said creature, then we’re giving you a big hug today. When the power of this particular addiction overtakes you, it’s not just affecting you. When chasing losses and highs, gamblers start to lie and steal. It doesn’t matter if you’re their friend, when they find themselves in a hole, they’ll do anything to climb out.

Soon, these actions begin to rip families and friends apart. Any trust will have disappeared, and before the gambler knows it, he or she has nothing left.

It’s incredibly hard to earn trust back. It’s not something that happens overnight. It takes years, and it takes hard work.

If you are a problem gambler or know a problem gambler, you can’t beat this game. There are no winners. Only losers.

The below piece of Bad Poetry is for you.

Bad Poetry, Gambling Addiction


More like a rambling

Of the bank account

As my debts just mount

Negative ten grand

I need the gastro band

For my life

Because my wife

And Kids, ain’t here no mo

I’m now po

With nothing to show

As I hit a new low

Stealing a go-pro 

From a kid that’s slow

A tale of woe

Are the seeds that I sow

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