The Stigma of Mental Health Hurts The Feelings of Wrestling Fans Too

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Hi! This week’s edition of bad poetry brings up the topic of stigma and mental health. It’s quite the hot topic these days…… on the internet. I’ve actually not heard anyone talk about it in real life as no one talks much about mental health in general….. or at least not at the parties and functions I’m invited to.

Maybe I need new friends.

Anyway, let’s get back to stigma and an issue many have with actual words. Specifically one word, that being ILLNESS.

You’ll have many people with mental health issues state that they battle mental illness, while others will never use the word illness as they think using the word creates the stigma in the first place.

It’s a real conundrum on who is right and who is wrong with their polar opposite viewpoints on this hot button issue.

If someone battles OCD or Bipolar etc., and they want to identify themselves as having an illness, who are you to tell them otherwise? Their identity is their experience, and by telling them they’re wrong because you believe using the word illness creates stigma, is just invalidating their experience and feelings.

Do you see what I’m getting at on this one?

On the flip side, you can see the argument for not using the term mental illness. It conjures up vivid imagery about what someone with a ‘mental illness’ is capable of doing or being. Most go straight to thinking that you’re possibly violent or unpredictable in your behavior. The imagery has you believing that you may not fully be there 100% of the time and that you can’t be trusted.

The above scenario is a conundrum indeed, and we have no answers to satisfy both sides. What we do know is that stigma affects us all in the mental health world, and the below piece of bad poetry was made just for you, if you’ve been feeling this way recently.

Bad Poetry, The Stigma of Mental Health

The Stigma of Mental Health Hurts The Feelings of Wrestling Fans Too

Little Known Fact

Everyone currently living in Erie, Pennsylvania, U.S.A., still believes wrestling is real. In the attempt to Make America Great Again, the Mayor of Erie, Joseph E. Sinnott, enacted laws to time travel his town back to living by the social and economic standards of 1956.

Besides the re-opening of many manufacturing facilities that currently have nothing to actually manufacture, Erie now gets a traveling Wrestling show coming to town once every two weeks.

All the old time greats like Bruno Sammartino, Ric Flair, Baron Von Raschke, Cowboy Bob Ellis, Mr. Wrestling 2, Jack Lanza and many, many, more, are all making major comebacks. Unfortunately, most of them can barely walk without hearing creeks in their bones these days, but it’s not stopping them from trying to make a buck off their new found popularity.

Jack Lanza was recently quoted ‘Make America Great Again has been the best thing for wrestling since Hulk Hogan was caught on tape being a racist. Screw Hulk Hogan, screw him right in the face.’

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