You Down With ADHD?

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We haven’t touched much on Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder on this website yet, and we’re working on creating some interesting art for you ADHD sufferers to consume.

The below piece of bad poetry touches on the frustration others may have towards you, the person living with ADHD, yet your coworkers or loved ones may not understand that you’re more frustrated than they can imagine.

If this sounds like you at all, then big hugs and this bad poem was written just for you.

Bad Poetry, You Down With ADHD?

You down with ADHD?

Yeah you know me!

You down with ADHD?

All my homies!

Until I stop listening to you mid sentence

Or fail to finish the paint on your fence

Do you like it when I lose my wallet or your keys?

And forget to do my daily activities

That you gave me on a list

But that shits boring you get the gist?

I’m gonna fidget and squirm

And I may talk non stop

During the movie

Bon Cop Bad Cop

That’s a French Canadian film

For all that don’t know

It was pretty good until

My Brain said to go

Because this ADHD is a problem

Not just for you

If I could change the way I am

I’d tighten that screw

Gotta run. 

Gonna See Bon Cop Bad Cop Two

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