Barbie May Be The Best Mental Health Advocate For Kids

Posted by Edward Ernest | Aug 6, 2018 | Depression | 0 |

If you don’t have kids, then you probably haven’t been keeping up with what Barbie has been up to lately. Besides being the most famous doll of all time, she’s also evolved into an animated character, and this character has taken up vlogging these days. And for you old folks out there, that means she’s video blogging. Moreover, she’s not just talking about superficial things like you might expect either, she’s been discussing her own ups and downs, and in the process become one of the best mental health advocate’s for kids today.

In this video, Barbie tells the world about feeling down for no reason at all. “No matter what she does, sometimes I just feel sad, and then I feel guilty for feeling sad.” And she follows that up by saying  “I’m supposed to be the upbeat positive one all the time, but I’m not always.”

Even though Barbie may not be talking about depression per se, she is talking about the ups and downs of life, and this is a fresh take for kids to hear. We also think she’s very helpful by sharing how she tries to combat these downs with her suggestions of doodling, exercising, organizing her room, journaling, and a Buddhist Laughing Meditation.

In our opinion, this and many of her other videos are quite significant in the development of a child’s emotional intelligence. It’s important for kids to understand that feeling down is normal and that there are outlets to channel these emotional downturns in a healthy way.

Don’t you wish this natural, heartfelt, emotionally intelligent material was made available in other forms of entertainment? How about if schools taught EQ in such an open and honest way? Maybe this evolution of Barbie is just the beginning and others will follow? We hope so. However, what we do know is this, Barbie was revolutionary in her heyday and represented the feminist movement, and once again, she’s finding herself as a mental health advocate, and at the forefront in serving the needs the children of today.

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