Being Manic Around Boys In Bars

Posted by Bobby Jenkins | May 16, 2018 | Bipolar Disorder, Bobby Jenkins: The Diary of a Bipolar Bear, Identity | 0 |

Dear Diary,

Damn it’s easy to fall in love. Maybe it’s a subset of being manic? I swear. I’m desert thirsty for some love & affection that isn’t bought. There’s something terrible about feeling connected to a stripper until you’re watching him walk off with the next stack of 20 dollar bills.

Cancelling my trip to London with my ex was such a fucking relief tho. Even though I’m desperate. Too much group sex for this stage of mania- ironically. I told him that I at least want to meet the bears ahead of time before sharing a bed and all my London memories with them for 3 days. Who does he think – Prince!? He was so shook about me calling off a 20k trip that he offered me the tickets as hush money. Now I have round trip tix to London that I can use anytime! HA HA Bitches.

Robert finally decided to text me back. Randomly asking me on a date for the same fucking night- so I left him on “read” because of reciprocity. When he had the AUDACITY to text me back hours later saying “OK SO NO?” I let him haaaaave it. Fuccboi trying to make everything on his terms like a FOOL I’m not one TO PLAY WITH I’m behind on my meds and ready to chop heads! Trust and believe. Alas, he is not the love of my life. Wrong again. I changed his phone # to “Telemarketer” in my cell coz NOPE. He then told me he was hospitalized (roll eyes extreme) and I asked what hospital… No response. Weird huh?

But all my days of drinking away my sorrows- alone- were not in vain. I invited the bartender at El Glacier to Arc En Ciel and ever since he’s been kissing my head when we hug. In a MANIC FUCCKING LOW I was like “wanna see my nudes??” (which were largely unseen) and he was like YES so I showed him the whole folder. He’s been extra attentive lately. Might try and hit it but I reallllly don’t want to shit where I eat. And I’ve been spiralling out pretty consistently.

But I must have a VIBE because when I went to the Icebox Cafe (where all the suits are) this gorgeous fucking bear that was so well dressed told me he liked my name.. “Robby”.When I said, “Ya you heard the Barista wrong- it’s actually Bobby” he was so cute about it. He’s a PROF but looks like a student and now I’m in love all over again and don’t care about any of these fucking schmucks. I’ve spent the last hour locating him (read: not locating him) online and now I’ve scheduled myself to be here next Monday at the same time “coincidentally”. Coz that’s my future husband. Unlike all the other future husbands I thought I’d found this ones different. This one’s real- he read my aura or something. We’ve connected on a spiritual level. I wonder where we’ll get married?


El Glacier, the hottest chain restaurant/bar in the Arctic, began as a modelling agency for the hottest local bears. When many of their clients began working at the bar/restaurant below their original headquarters, they quickly realized the power of having a really, really, really, hot service staff. So they bought the restaurant below them, rebranded with their name, and the modelling business is now a distant memory.

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