Bell Media Loves To Talk At You About Her Mental Health But Doesn’t Like To Listen Others

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If you’re from Canada, then you know the socialite Bell Media. Her name is everywhere. You can barely go a day without seeing some form of a news story, social media, or advertisement involving her. Her publicist is a pure genius, and Bell has become stinking rich, and she was already stinking rich, to begin with. However, over time, even though Bell Media champions good causes, like the Let’s Talk About Mental Health campaign, it all rings hollow to her friends and employees.

Her former friend, now biggest enemy, Stacy Slater couldn’t take her hypocrisy any longer before she unfriended her in real life and then on Facebook. “Have you ever had some tell you their mental health problems, but, like, not actually feel like you were in a conversation? Like, I could have been a cardboard cut out of a naked Zac Efron for all Bell Media was concerned. And her mental health issues consisted of like being upset about her not getting enough tweets about her ‘Bell Media Let’s Talk Campaign.’ I, like, couldn’t even get a word in at all and I’m battling, like, postpartum depression. And she knew that too and didn’t even ask. She’s, like, such a self-serving narcissist and I unfriended her on everything, and I hate her now.”

It seems that Bell Media’s narcissistic ways just don’t end in her friend circle. An Anonymous employee had this to say “I mean, I can’t speak for everyone, but I’m not the only one that feels this way. I mean, we’re all human and working as hard as we can for her, but sometimes we need mental health breaks and she just doesn’t care. She wants us to produce, produce, produce and if we can’t do that, we’re fired. I battle depression, and there are others here that do as well, and one day, I heard Bell’s main assistant, Jaclyn, tell another employee to buck up and get undepressed or find a new job. I mean, fuck that shit. That attitude comes from the top, and it’s laughable that Bell Media runs Canada’s biggest mental health awareness campaign. This country is stupid, and our Prime Minister has never held a real job besides being a part-time drama teacher.”

We reached out for comment from Bell Media about the accusations against her, and we were directed to her main assistant, Jaclyn “First of all, Bell’s relationship with her friends is a private matter and we don’t wish to discuss that in public. We are very concerned about the accusations by the anonymous employee, it was Dave, wasn’t it? However, none of the accusations are true. Bell has taken a leadership position in workplace mental health. It’s part of the way she works at every level. That’s been recognized by our team, the healthcare community, and even by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.”

In his only public comment about Bell Media, Justin Trudeau was very supportive of her and the long-lasting friendship they’ve had through their respective families. “I’ve known Bell Media all my life. From coast to coast, she’s a woven fabric that connects everyone in this country. She was there for me when I was a drama teacher, and now she’s there for me as Prime Minister. I value her friendship and her support very much. And all you Syrian Refugees and people I gave new social programs too, even though this country can’t afford it, should value her friendship too.”

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