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Your kid will probably throw a fit if you make them these raw brownies (seriously, just bake them a box of Ghirardelli and slap some frosting on it), but for a responsible, health-conscious adult like yourself, you can’t go wrong with these “almost-the-real-thing-if-you’ve-been-dieting-for-several-months” brownies.

Sure, they’ve got a lot of sugar in them, but it’s, like, HEALTHY sugar. Medjool dates and agave, man. Did you know that shit’s 1.5 times sweeter than refined sugar, but much healthier? You’re welcome.Raw brownie

They’re definitely a satisfying “treat” after a run, and work well as a hiking or backpacking snack, too, because they’re packed with healthy fats and sugars. Walnuts even provide protein to help you recover and keep you going.

Let’s talk more about the dates for a minute. They’re a super important part of this recipe, and they’re definitely great if you live an active lifestyle where you’ve gotta stock up on those calories. Did you know just two Medjool dates provide 133 calories? Mix that in with everything else we’ve got going on here, and you’re sure to have a great energy-replacing snack.

They’re also packed with B-6 vitamins, pantothenic acid, and niacin, as well as the minerals copper, potassium, and manganese. Still, you probably shouldn’t stray too far from somewhere you’re comfortable… relieving yourself. Dates are a natural laxative. Remembering that little fact might save you a lot of embarrassment down the road… literally.

Don’t turn your nose up at the cocoa in this recipe – it’s good for you when it’s not mixed with those oh-so-delicious, oh-so-bad-for-you refined sugars. Cocoa in its raw form provides a ton of fiber, iron, and magnesium. Studies also suggest it can even have a positive effect on depressive symptoms. It’s also a powerful antioxidant.

You’d better not skimp out and use artificial vanilla. Seriously, don’t even think about it – I’m judging you. Pure vanilla extract may be a little more expensive (this whole recipe is kind of expensive, so just splurge on it), but it’s full of antioxidants, much like the cocoa. Double that effect up!

This whole recipe is actually pretty damn delicious. Just don’t eat the whole tray in one sitting unless you’re training for a marathon or something, because you’ll probably gain twenty pounds.

The ultimate brownie – the way it should be, dense & rich and oh so chocolatey.

Enjoy the recipe!

Raw Brownie Recipe

2 ½ Cups of walnuts

1 ½ Cups Medjool Dates

6 T cocoa powder

1 tsp Vanilla Extract


½ cup Agave

½ cup Coconut Butter

1 tsp Vanilla Extract

  1. Process  2 cups of the walnuts in a food processor and process until ground. Add the dates, cocoa powder and vanilla and process until a ball forms. 
  2. Transfer to a small bowl. Hand-chop the remaining ½ cup of walnuts and fold them into brownie dough.
  3. Press brownie mix into a 8×8 cake pan or whatever mold you are using.
  4. Once the processor is clean and completely dry, process the icing ingredients until combined.
  5. Top the brownie with the icing and chill in the fridge for an hour or so until the icing has set.

Yield: 8 servings

Storage: Fridge

Freshness: Two weeks

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