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This sweet, rich hot chocolate is perfect for chilly fall evenings and cold winter nights or just because you’re a giant kid and love fucking raw hot chocolate all the time. It’s time to throw that powdery, refined crap away. Seriously, Swiss Miss is gross. If you’re going to have hot chocolate that’s THAT bad for you, you might as well go balls to the walls and use REAL milk chocolate, not whatever that awful brown powder with dehydrated marshmallows is.

This hot chocolate is about as far away from Swiss Miss as you can get. It’s the real deal. Rich, earthy, thick, and frothy: everything hot chocolate is supposed to be. Honestly, it tastes delicious. If you’ve read my previous posts, I’ll admit when something isn’t as it seems. Unlike my mother who always pretended she was cooking something and then we found out it was reheated fish sticks. Way to go Mom! Raw Hot Chocolate

Start by boiling a cup of water and pouring it in your blender. Yes, this is raw food, but it’s not exactly HOT chocolate if you don’t boil your water first. Pour in your almond milk, which will give it a nice, creamy consistency without adding the unnecessary, unhealthy fats that are in cow’s milk.

We’re going to be using cacao butter and powder for this, not cocoa. This raw, pressed, and unprocessed plant will give you way more nutrients than cocoa butter. Not only will it provide you with superior levels of vitamins and minerals, but cacao actually tastes a lot better because, when it’s refined into cocoa, it tends to lose a lot of its natural flavor. Cacao is also full of flavonoids – powerful antioxidants that protect you from those pesky free radicals that cause blood vessel disease and cancer.

Agave will really help sweeten up the bitterness of the cacao. It’s a natural sugar with a low glycemic level, so not only does it curb sugar cravings; it also helps with weight control. I was/am addicted to sugar, so this one is big for me. It’s my biggest weakness next to men who treat me poorly.

If you want to make this hot chocolate super fancy (and cheat a little), you can add whipped cream to the top and sprinkle it with cacao powder. For extra pizzazz, add a drop of peppermint or orange extract. Peppermint will help you digest this super-rich treat, while orange promotes healthy, vibrant skin. Unless you’re the President of the United States, then your skin is just orange.

A word of warning before you get started: make sure you hold the lid down when you’re blending unless you want molten hot chocolate all over the place. We’re just here to tell you how to make the food – we can’t be held responsible for any molten hot chocolate accidents! This has happened to me, and it’s only funny for the person watching you make it, unless you force them to help clean it up afterward. A good friend will help without asking by the way.

Raw Hot Chocolate Recipe

1 C boiling water

1/4 C almond milk

2 T agave

1 T cacao butter

1 1/2 T cacao powder

Garnish with whipped cream & sprinkle of cacao powder. (optional for you sugar fanatics)

For a flavoured hot chocolate you can add one drop peppermint or orange extract.

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