Best Natural Supplements For ADHD

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If you’re battling ADHD and are using pharmaceutical medications to help control your symptoms, it doesn’t hurt to also incorporate a change in your nutrition habits as well. There are many macronutrients and micronutrients that have been found by numerous studies to help with the symptoms of ADHD. Here are the best natural supplements for ADHD.

Fish Oils and Primrose Oils

Fish oils are polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFAs) and they’re essential to humans because we can’t synthesize them. A study found that children with ADHD who take fish and primrose oils as omega-were able to pay better attention, tame their hyperactivity and control their impulsivity. This is because PUFAs are essential in the connecting and signalling functions of the brain. 


Zinc is important in neurological and growth development, which means that if you lack zinc in your diet, then it will lead to slower brain processing. Zinc can be found in meat and poultry but adding more as a natural supplement can always help if you’re not getting enough through food. A study has found that taking zinc along with methylphenidate boosted the effect of ADHD medication. Please do note, Zinc can be toxic, so please don’t take more than 50 mg/day.


Grains and fruits are the best sources for melatonin. If you’re not familiar with melatonin, it’s used  to help sleep problems, such as insomnia for people with ADHD. Sometimes the pharmaceutical drugs prescribed to those with ADHD make it difficult to sleep, so a natural supplement like melatonin can help immensely.

Before you begin to take any of the mentioned supplements, please do consult with your healthcare provider before taking any of them. It’s possible that these supplements cannot be taken in conjunction with your current medications, so please make sure you ask your doctor first.

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