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Hey everyone! It’s me! Ellis! I’ve been busy as a bee lately and just working, working, working! And that’s not a bad thing at all. Sometimes you just get into a good routine of habits, and you just go with it, and that’s what’s happening with me right now. One of my habits is getting my morning muffin before work. And Rodney who owns the muffin shop, well he’s been telling me all about Bitcoin every chance he gets. He bounced off walls just telling me about too. In fact, between you and me, it was getting quite annoying. But then I felt crummy for thinking that Rodney was being quite annoying. You see, as it turns out, Rodney battles Bipolar Disorder, and his Bitcoin obsession has been anything but fun for Rodney.

Rodney’s become erratic with his moods over the last few weeks now, and I started to become really worried. He just wasn’t telling his regular morning corny jokes anymore. So I did what any other Red Alien would do, and I researched Bipolar Disorder to see if I could understand Rodney better, and I didn’t like what I found……at all! In fact, it was all really crummy to read.

It turns out, when you’re in the midst of Bipolar Manic Episode, sometimes one of the symptoms is reckless gambling, and it seems Rodney was recklessly gambling on Bitcoin, even though I don’t even know how that works, but he was. He bought it at its all-time high, and every day since then, it kept on going down, and Rodney has kept on feeling worse and worse he tells me.

I just wanted to give Rodney the biggest hug in the world, so the next time I saw him, it’s just what I did, and he really appreciated it too. I’m good at giving hugs by the way. I squeeze extra hard and stuff if I think you need it, and people don’t realize how squeezable I am too. I kinda feel like a warm stress ball. Well, that’s at least what my friend Laurel Leaside tells me, and she’s never wrong.

Oh! Back to Rodney. Now I feel crummy that I talked about me and not Rodney. Anyway, after I gave him the best hug I could, he told me about his Bipolar Manic Episode and how he couldn’t control himself when he invested his money in Bitcoin. He said everyone on the internet was talking about it and then he caught his old gambling bug, which he said is pretty crummy. Then as it went down from day 1, all he felt was shame and guilt. He said it felt like he couldn’t catch his breath about 100 times a day too. His anxiety became worse and worse. He wasn’t able to sleep. He stopped being smiley to people/aliens like me when they came to get their muffins. He just wished he could take everything back. He wished he could breathe. And then he started to cry, and I let him lay his head on the lower part of my body, which is kinda a chest to you humans.

I just felt so bad for Rodney, and I started to cry too. It was all so crummy. He was even taking his Lithium medication, but the mania became too powerful. Usually, it’s me who is doing the crying on someone else’s shoulder, so being here for Rodney became very important to me. I wish I could make it all better, but I know this is a struggle for Rodney every day. The best thing I can do is be there for him when he needs an ear and a hug, and also check in and be more aware of his behavior when I see him and call him out on it if I find acting erratic.

I guess, being a good friend is about asking questions and digging below the surface. You never know what someone might be going through unless you ask.

And today, I’m gonna start asking more questions to everyone and you should too.

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