Bipolar Relationship Angst

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For those of you that battle Bipolar Disorder or to those that are in a relationship with someone that battles Bipolar Disorder, this weeks edition of Bad Poetry was made just for you.

There are varying levels of Bipolar Disorder, and for those that are high up there on the spectrum, life is not easy. And taking medication is not always that black and white. Even when on medication, sometimes the Bipolar is just too powerful and you get into a manic state, and it pushes right through whatever meds you’re on, and the upward spiral takes over. This can take many forms but you’re on a high, and you’ll most likely do things you’ll regret which will then most likely throw you into eventual lows. It’s a cycle.

Those who are serious about tacking Bipolar Disorder head on are true mental health warriors and for those that stand by their side, kudos to you for not stigmatizing your partner and making them feel shitty about their life. However, there are still some partners out there that think that by just taking a pill, everything will always be an even-flow. And that’s just not the case. Shit happens. Sometimes you don’t want to take a pill anymore and want to find alternative methods to combat the Bipolar Disorder, as medications make many battlers not feel alive. For example, This can be through meditation practice, yoga, tai chi, etc.

It’s an experiment to see what works as a medication isn’t for everyone. And for those trying to figure this part out and battling every day, you deserve partners that will stand by you and champion you in your search for a full life.

So like we said in the first paragraph, this piece of bad poetry is for those mental health warriors out there giving it their best every day and for those that stand by them in their fight. Hugs!

If you or a loved one you know is showing signs of a Mental Health Disorder, whether it be Depression, Anxiety, Bipolar, Scizophrenia, Addiction, Body Dysmorphia etc., or maybe you just need someone to talk to, please do get the help you need. If you feel like you need to talk to someone right now, you can talk to one of the many fantastic therapists at Better Help by CLICKING HERE.

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