August 23rd 2017

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AUGUST 23, 2017

Dearest Diary,

Lee called me on my way to my dental checkup today and was talking about all this irrelevant shit UNTIL I had to let him go. THEN he springs on me that he and his friends are going to a GAY CAMPGROUND this weekend (the LAST weekend of the summer) and because it has to be in pairs – he’s bringing his best gay (SINGLE) friend Keith. 

Wait, what? Not me? I thought this was a pitch for me to come camping. The ol’ bait & switch.

I can’t tell if he just in theory broke up with me… or if I have to wait for that weekend to roll around to eat a bottle of Valium while waiting for the traumatizing tagged photos of other hot bears (and twinks!) posing half nude in secret hot spring waterfalls.. can’t wait. 

The actual thought of it has me spiralling. I’m not healthy enough. 

WHY DIDN’T HE ASK ME!? He insists because I’m not outdoorsy but I own a fucking SCARF. WHAT THE HELL IS OUTDOORSY ANY WAY?? I’m a fucking polar bear!

He insists that it’s a few close friends that are in couples – but the campsite is listed as a Gay Bear Campgrounds called Sticks on Sticks. I fucking hate him. Do I break up with him now so I don’t get cheated on? Do I schedule cheating on that weekend? Should I book a trip to Chicago finally?! My thoughts are fucking racing.

UGH This slays me. 

I hope it storms. I wish them starvation and sunburns. I hope they eat bad salmon and their ice shelf melts. UGHHHH!


What would HE say if I went on a big gay boat cruise (I literally bought his ticket to the last one I went to) without mentioning it or inviting him. What are the rules??

When he ended the call with “nothing’s stopping you from booking your own camp site” I almost blacked out. Like, TRUE let me book my OWN camp site across the way from my man’s. That’s intuitive… NO THANK, ACTUALLY, I’M GONNA FUCK BIF THAT WEEKEND

But is Bif even still single!? What’s his Instagram??? OMG I’m having violent thoughts. I’m gonna create a fake Insta and follow every single tagged bear in that group photo – and then fuck one of them!!!

Meanwhile I’ve also been googling Gay Bars in Chicago and it turns out there’s a whole gay village called Bearstown. Possibly the jackpot? Why don’t we have this in the Arctic. Maybe I could start it! Become a local BIA activist. I can’t sort out of my thoughts, Diary, I’ve been triggered into a manic fit. I’m going to go walk off some of this weight before Bearstown. 

Chicago – Here I Come!

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