Fuck Therapy

Posted by Bobby Jenkins | Jan 24, 2018 | Bipolar Disorder, Bobby Jenkins: The Diary of a Bipolar Bear, Identity | 0 |

Fuck Therapy. She looked like a cub that put adult glasses on. I want a damn refund.

I needed to decompress to a warm blooded creature (no offence Diary) that could actually respond with unbiased thoughts (or at all..). But I might as well have started a Twitter thread, I would have gotten more useful insights.

This dumbass little bitch kept lazily responding to me. She’s like “Dating is hard work” (is that what took you 8 years to get your degree?) and “no one’s perfect” (very helpful, thanks). It’s like she watched a season of Oprah and then tried to take me on. 

I was throwing shit out there just to see if it would stick. I was like “I did coke on New Years” and she was like “forgive yourself”.. instead of “why”. I’m here, paying by the hour to get to my Why. Why is it so hard to see my family, be related to my sister, assert myself in personal settings but not in public. Why bitch WHY

I am estranged from most of the bears I know and I didn’t even realize it until I had an influx of “Happy New Years!” texts from unknown numbers that I manically deleted. Like, New Year, Who Dis? 

And my exes are watching my Snapchat stories. Are they trying to get my attention??? Is this the modern day booty call? Dropping a view on a story? LIKE, WHY BITCH!!! She had no answers. “What do you think?” WHY ARE YOU ASKING ME WHAT I THINK WHEN I’M PAYING FOR YOUR THOUGHTS!? Hookers are better equipped with responses than she is. Waste of time. I wanted someone with grey hair who is a hard ticket or looks like they conquered addiction. Is that too much to ask?

I hope I’m living in a simulation dammit. Let’s delete that bitches code, or however it works. 

To cope, I’ve been binging Reality TV. She called me dissociative and then yet again, tried her damndest to correlate it to my parents divorce. REALLY!? HOW BITCH?!! Coz I thought it was about my Dad gaslighting me. My convict sister. Or my mom having a boyfriend my age. Who I just met. Legit shit. She says I probably wish it was my Dad at that table. Are you FUKT? Are you LISTENING!? We’re estranged. So I starting turning up since she couldn’t seem to listen at my normal tone, “You’re PROJECTING and I want my fucking MONEY BACK, YOU INTERN!” And she wrote me a referral to anger management. Take responsibility bitch. DIS IZ A YOU PROBLEM. 

Ugh, she’s getting the worst Yelp review.

She has like 4 text book answers for every problem (none original). Our session felt like harassment and an assassination of my character and intelligence. 

Are there gay specialty therapists in the Arctic? I’m going online. Saves me finding a ride there with an excuse to boot. 

So sorry I ever doubted you Diary.

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