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Dearest Diary,

I have been on pills for a year now and I can tell you that it is better than Crack. Knowing that I can wake up uninhabited by debilitating mood swings- from depression to mania- has been the tits. I’ve stopped sleeping with absolute randoms, physically attacking exes (unprovoked), and waiting until “I feel like it” to do things… Including finding a new home. Because I’m being evicted. Fun times.

Miss Walrus, my dumbass landlord, is WRONGLY accusing me of being “angry” and “not listening”. We’ve spoken twice in the last year so I’m not sure where she’s getting her info from. That PSYCHO.

But this is how I can tell that I’m healthy- because this ugly ass over-breeding bitch got a laugh and a shrug from me when coming for my character. I wasn’t defensive coz she was just hella wrong and I was OK with that. Progress!!!

I was surprised that there wasn’t an inkling of vengeance in me (although I did think of a bunch of ways to wreak havoc… but I didn’t execute- and that’s the magic of “Meds”). I felt confident that this delusional ugly ass bitch is actually just homophobic and deeply ugly. 

She’s seen me making out with AND fighting with Lee ONCE and decided that I was angry “all the time”. That fucking Cow. I hear her screaming calves run around undisciplined all the time, but you don’t see me calling the Animal Welfare Rescue Shelter. But should I??? MWAHAHA No, no. I’m spiralling again. 

Plus my place is always 200 degrees because they built it themselves with no damn ventilation. It’s like a sex den in here. I’m surprised it came with a freezer (the size of a human cooler, mind you. I’ve stolen a few in my day…)

And she always just walks into my fucking place! No fancy 24 hours notice with this bitch. She was with two random disgusting demolition dudes today (think Musk Oxen breeds with a Mountain Goat). It was nothing like Porn when the “construction workers” show up. Fucking porn. Giving me unrealistic expectations since I discovered private browsing.

It doesn’t help that my terrible nosy landlord is actually from Siberia (the acutely judgey Russian accent tells all). It’s no wonder that she hates the gays and doesn’t have a clue about our housing laws. The roof is a measly 8 feet tall like I’m some sort of fucking Sea Lion. Not sure who she thought would move in…. I even had to put up a bunch of glittery “watch your head” signs for my Plenty of Seal dates (before Lee, obviously- I’m medicated now and don’t cheat). *WINK* no, wait Diary, I’m just kidding. 

Anyway my options are either move out in 15 days (for my mental health) or move out in 60 days (and affect her mental health). But the heat in here is rising- figuratively AND literally. So I need to make a choice ASAP.

If you or a loved one you know battles with Bipolar Disorder or any Mental Health Issues, please do get the help you need. If you need to talk to someone now, you can talk to one of the many fantastic therapists at Better Help by CLICKING HERE.

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