September 15th 2017

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Sept 15 ’17

Damn Diary, what a week.

Everything seemed exciting till I got to my Bear N Breaky. Everywhere suddenly seemed very sketchy and there wasn’t a bear to be seen. Unless they were large in groups- on the corner…

I almost lost my shit when I saw that safety map in google maps when I searched my location. Being on the brink of a red and green safety area wasn’t what I was expecting- because we don’t have that in the Arctic. I felt so small town.

I’m so pissed it never said nothing like that in the listing until I clicked that mini fucking “reviews” link at the verrry bottom in 6 point print. The first review read: “Great host but sketchy at night. Do not leave after dark, I heard gun shots both nights. But comfy sheets.”

The next one said: “My tire got slashed (??) Just one. I have no idea why. Would not recommend” And I knew I fucked up.

I’ve been hella manic since then (obviously). 

I did a little digging on Philadelphia and the surprises were endless. I had no idea that it was the carjacking capital and one of the TOP 10 MOST VIOLENT CITIES – AND MOST POOR. Like, ok I guess I won’t wear that badass chain I stole from my sister then. Coooool.

I even took up smoking when I found a Marlboro pack. 

I was living in fear after I saw the biggest fucking cockroach ever and was HUMILIATED after posting a“WTF IS THIS” pic on FB, just to find out what it was. It was the size of a kitten and literally intimidated my 8 foot self so bad that I just needed to know if it could bite me. IT CLIMBED A WALL – what kind of SORCERY is that!?

When daylight broke, I walked as gangster as I could to a corner store and the sign said “no Balaclava’s or hoodies in the store”. The feeling of safety evaded me for days. DAYS!!! I was triggering out left right and centre. 

I was excited to meet so many new North American Black Bears. They’re so fucking hot but weren’t the friendliest. EVEN IN GAYTOWN ON 12TH STREET! But when my cousin told me about her friend being beaten, robbed and left in a bad part of Philly last week from using Uber, I knew I wasn’t in Kansas any more, and wouldn’t be using my apps as much.

The food was terrible, the bears were religious or vicious (especially other Polar Bears- the absolute worst) and I didn’t even feel like I could ask for directions. I can’t wait to head out to the country to see my cousins though!! With all this drama that the wedding has brought, it can’t be worse than this godforsaken city. RIGHT DIARY!? I’m heading to Daydreams, the male strip club tonight in a CAB. I want glitter in places I can’t reach from a bear I could never afford. LET THE ONES FLY!


North American Black Bears are one of the most oppressed bear species in the whole entire world. 

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