March 5th 2016

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Diary of a Bipolar Bear

Diary of a Bipolar BearDiary of a Bipolar Bear

March 5, 2016


Dear Diary,

SUCH a terrifying day. When Dad reached out and said he needed to talk, I felt like he dropped an atomic bomb on my mood. Like, no. We are estranged for a reason. I don’t even have you on Facebook, like, you can’t randomly send vague “we need to talk” texts.

But it made sense though. He saw the article in the paper and reached out. 

I can’t believe that my perfect sister is going to jail for bank fraud AND she has a drug problem! AND it’s in the News! Quite the soap opera on her end these days! She’s addicted to the good business drugs, Adderrall and Valium, and I couldn’t be happier to hear that she is finally EXPOSED as a fake bitch to my parents, whom previously favoured every sibling but me. Fuck’em. 

It’s exhausting being the fave though. Now my mahm has all this free time that she’d usually spend with my sister freed up and dad’s reaching out for lattes. Toooooo claustrophobic these days. It’s giving me a social anxiety complex.

When I saw my mahm crying in bed yesterday, I actually wondered if she’d be this upset if I fucked up. I think she’d be less shocked. Or maybe she’s realizing she’s made a terrible investment and I am actually the best of kin. You never know. I wonder how my other sister feels. I haven’t even cared enough to snapchat her. She was probably in on it anyway.

Mahm says I have to visit her in jail this week, so I might go in full drag to lighten the mood. Plus, I’m worried jail could be a trigger and I don’t want to relapse into depression or mania, but hey! That’s part of the adventure. Mental Health Roulette in the game of Life.

Anyway, Diary, Stay Tuned.

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Bobby Jenkins

Bobby Jenkins is a lovely polar bear who battles Bipolar Disorder and has the style of a BEAR in the gay community.He was raised by a single mother, who doesn't understand him, and has two seemingly perfect sisters too.He attended one year of Undergrad at the Arctic College of Art and Design with a Major in Fashion Studies and a Minor in Nude Life Drawing. However, due to an unfortunate manic event, involving a Professor, two seals, and a very fishy salmon, Bobby was asked to take an indefinite leave of absence.Since then, Bobby has worked odd jobs to support his life of clubbing, frustration, and obsessing over really hot bears.His dream is to leave the Arctic behind and move to the bright lights of Chicago where the coolest bears and cubs from around the world work hard and play even harder.

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